Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What Happened To This Blog?!?

Greetings and salutations to the tens of you who might someday stumble across this, if only by your RSS reader. As you might gather from the relative lack of new postings here, the blog is for all intents and purposes a wrap. GoDaddy renewed the domain name the other day, so at the bare minimum will still come up when/if you choose to type it in your browser window for another couple of years, but for the most part, this blog's finished. It's been an 8+ year, 3506 post ride, and I loved every moment of it, but it was just time to take the the old mutt to a secluded field in the country and put him down gently.

The reasons are plenty, but the overriding one is time. I simply don't have it anymore. I have three quickly growing kids, a day job that's more brainwave consuming by the day, and a wife who appreciates that I not use the little free time and energy I have after all of that on people who aren't physically in our home. There's also the small matter of online conversations shifting to Twitter over the past few years, that make the relatively outdated mode of blogs and comments a bit anachronistic. If that $3 word throws you for a loop, sorry. It's my HBCU education speaking.

Of course, I'm not dropping off the cyber universe. Since this blog will still be live, I'll undoubtedly throw something up here from time to time because I have paid ads on those sidebars and have no choice because I still value you guys opinions. Does this contradict everything I said in the prior paragraph? Yeah, prolly. But whatever.

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I guess since this is a quasi goodbye, I should that everyone who made this blog what it was, because without an audience a blogger is just some dude who leaves his personal journal on a park bench. Ya'll made this what it was, and I thank you because while it did last, this blog opened some incredible doors and gave me some lifetime experiences I'll never forget. None of that happens without pagecounts, and ya'll delivered. Preciate that.

Thanks to The Uppity Negro, RiPPA, CJames, Spool32, VLatte, EBW, Marbles, Mwatuangi, Cinderfella Daeda Daedalus, Ciara, Shady Grady, rozb, Antonio, SKTheKid, Lavern, The Janitor, Just_Lena, JD, TwoNuse and everyone else who was here over the years. If I missed your name, sorry. Thanks anyway.

Two fingers,


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