Friday, September 23, 2016

Top 5 Tips for Creating a Successful Career in Art

How to make careers in art or how to make money with art – these questions are popular not only among the recent graduates of Academies of Arts with scientific degrees, but among experienced professionals (many people are working at the same place for many years and cannot understand how to become an artist and how to become famous). The career prospect is even more significant than a decent salary for many people (but usually one follows from the other). This is not strange.

If you desire to, or just thinking about how to become a famous artist and desire to get a good salary in future, then you need to make thoughts about what qualities you need to have and what to do for a quick promotion.

Bohemian crowd, photographers, light music, flowers, clinking of glasses with the champagne, elegant reception and paintings. And what artist does not dream of this becoming a reality? Who do not want to become the main character of this? Today, when art has an unusually high demand, such dreams may become a reality, but what to do to build a successful future career in arts and what should be the starting point? Art related careers are very difficult to create.

Try to make yourself famous
Those who chose the path of a freelance craftsman as well as the path of the assignment writers, automatically becomes an entrepreneur and, like every other aspiring businessman, should try to make himself famous using original ideas to attract the attention of important gallery owners as well as potential sponsors and clients. Those people who do not understand how to become a successful artist should be able to explain why people need him and his paintings, sculptures or photo books. You should understand this.

Ask for help
Beginners, who have no experience in marketing, can consult with special service centers - for instance, there is a good service for those people who want to learn the information how to make money in art in the Career Center at the Berlin University of the Arts. A young entrepreneur will learn the secrets of a successful start of his professional career, receive a lot of practical advices and understand how to make a business profitable from this particular career center. This is brilliant information.

Ask for support
In the starting phase of the career, the person can apply for financial support to artistic funds. For instance, only Bonn Art Foundation annually provides about 1.1 million euros of scholarships to people and various art projects. It is a huge sum of money! Rarely an artist suddenly awakens famous. They can even be starving or have to attend group therapy meetings or meet personal therapist because of the failures they had faced before becoming famous and finding themselves in the Guardian. In jobs that involve art, you are climbing up the career ladder and have to overcome it gradually, one step after another. But if you do not stop, every step will be a significant bonus for success.

Organize your personal exhibitions
The art career includes active exhibition activity: this event requires the cost of rent of exhibition space and the printing of mini-directory is desirable. The main question here is a personal activity: availability of personal exhibitions is necessary for the career of an artist. The most significant thing here is to start the communication and friendship with collectors and buyers. For the artist it is extremely important to be in touch with the collectors and to maintain relationships with them: to meet, to talk about the world of art and do not expect a short-term buying activity from them. Remember this.

Bring your paintings to an auction
The statistics of auction houses is the only thing that is always in the public domain. As obvious to all market participants, this information can play in favor of the artist: the auction affects directly at the promotion of an artist. It is a series of consecutive and strategically sound measures to promote. In the modern era of postmodernism the artist promotion needs a very important integrative approach. The fine career of the artist in the art business is made up of several terms. Only involvement of all the mechanisms of promotion on the market can give the desired result. If you desire to become famous and have money, try to do your best and remember to never give up.


Summer is the season of inspiration and opportunities in any student’s life. Besides holiday pleasures, you can gain new knowledge and skills, passing summer courses abroad or performing some jobs which you like and know how to do. The students-trip will fill you with great impressions and experiences. Here are the ways one can make this season gorgeous:
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  • joining a volunteer project and get to know around the world without considerable fees, accepting a challenge in solving problems facing the entire world.
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  • Are you going to have a cheap and impressionable summer tour? Consider volunteering as a travel chance for students. If you are the person striving for making this world better in any possible aspect, all destinations will be available for you. The projects in Latin America are enticing for optimistic and romantic persons. The volunteering areas are oriented to the protection of the environment and wildlife in particular. Getting aware of a marvelous nature of the region, you can also express your optimism and willingness to act in the domains of healthcare, teaching and learning Spanish. Volunteering is an excellent platform for a wonderful vacation. Practices of volunteer activity are useful for professional growth.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Of Profile Pics, Fearing Cops & Being Black In America.

Earlier this week, after reading the disturbing story of a Tulsa, OK motorist shot by police, I had a sudden epiphany. I immediately changed my Facebook profile pic from a casual photo in shades and a basketball jersey to a serious pic of me, in a suit and tie professionally shot for the employee directory at my job.

Why, might you ask? Well sure, because the professionally shot pic is nicer. But also because I know the power of narrative. Should something of this sort happen to me, the image that a majority of people would see whatever photo news agencies can locate first. Would I want that pic to show me as the playful husband of 15 years and father of three I am from 5-9, or the hardworking software engineer I am from 9-5?

If this sounds like a bunch of pointless mental gymnastics to you, welcome to being black in America. Where you actually worry about your mortality on a daily basis and how others might form an opinion on how valuable (if at all) your life was based on a photo splashed across a news article.

We see these photos when people like Philando Castille, Eric Garner, and yes, Terence Crutcher die. The photos are often informal, sometimes cropped to remove others, and more times that not fuel the narrative of what that person’s life meant. It’s why the families of the deceased often jump in to fill in some of the blanks about said person’s life. That the person in the grainy photo was a father, a husband, a son, a something of value that extends beyond whatever initial impression said photo formed. Because these people, however flawed, whatever their past might have included, mattered to someone.

It’s why #IfIDieInPoliceCustody and other such hashtags trend from time to time. Because people want some control, no matter how fleeting, of how they’re perceived when they’re gone. Most of those people are black, hardworking, and have no criminal record to speak of. And that’s sad.

Worrying about how the media might describe you after death, and how your kids/spouse would feel if that description is unfair is something I'm sure most of you've never even considered. Yet it's a thought that crosses my mind every time I see a police car.

So yeah, suit & tie profile pic it is.