Thursday, August 30, 2012

Every GOP Stereotype About Black America Confirmed. In Just 4 Minutes.

Seriously, black folks: do better.

Random thoughts...
Why can't he pronounce "Cartier" correctly?!?

Why are two allegedly responsible black newspeople putting together such an exploitative news story like this? The NABJ needs to look into this.

I need that song for my ringtone. "Blawww Bling Blawww Blawww!"

Isn't his story somewhat plausible? He is disabled. I sorta agree that he'd have a hard time removing a hot water heater by himself. I think it's entirely possible that someone illegally rented the home to his girlfriend. When moved out once she was informed she wasn't there legally. She (or someone else) trashed the house after the fact.

Poppin' sh*t while engulfed in a cypress tree = gangsta.

Unpaved roads in a major American city? Werd?

Admit it, you sorta expected to see an accident when they pulled off at the end.

I'm suddenly hongry for some Benihanas myself.
Question: Can someone from Detroit please explain ya'll obsession with Benihana? I'm pretty sure I know why, but just wanted to hear from a resident.

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