Monday, April 30, 2012

The Obama "Forward" Campaign Ad.

As far as campaign ads go, this one isn't too bad. It lays out a compelling argument for the Stimulus package, Healthcare reform, credit card reform, Wall Street reform, DADT, the war on terror, and more.

I don't particularly care for the section showing Republican opposition. What's the point? Anyone with a brain knows this happened.

And oh yeah, unlike some of his competitors ads, this one looks diverse.[1] I'm sure this doesn't matter to some people, but it matters to me. So there.

As for the new campaign motto... "Foward"... well, lets just say that's gonna be sorta difficult to chant at rallies. I get the point ("progression", "the job's not finished but we're on the right track", etc.) but this just sounds too close to MSNBC's "Lean Forward" slogan to me. So basically, meh.

Question: What are your impressions after watching this ad?!?

[1] Trumpeting the Sotomayor SCOTUS appointment seemed a wee bit tacky, but hey, why pass up the opportunity?

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