Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Knickers Or N*ggers", What's The Difference?!? It's A CPAC Party Ya'll!!!

Ain't no party like a CPAC party, cause a GOP party don't stop.... til somebody makes an ill-fated joke about the N-Word.
The CPAC conference has concluded with several days of political discourse and equally interesting conversations on both sides of the coin.

One aspect of the conference that sparked much media attention was due to two conference attendees premiering a rap song.

Christopher Loesch and Steven Crowder wearing powdered wigs and wearing track suits performed their pro-conservative rap, “Mr. America” before a small crowd of conference attendees. During their performance, they appear to have used the N-word.

The WORD PLAY was part of the spheal because the deejay cut off the beat as they said the word. What? Knickers? I can say knickers!” they exclaim.

Crowder told Raw Story that they just wanted to try out “something that Conservatives haven’t done before.” Crowder often comments that liberals are evil and he can't be racist because he has a black Republican friend.

Although much of the crowd was dancing and moving around, a few of the people there thought it was all in very poor taste.

"I didn't appreciate the play-on-words," said Kathy Wilcox. "The GOP is better than that, and I wish I had not seen their performance."

Another attendee said, "I didn't hear or see it, but I don't see anything wrong with what they did. Blacks are allowed to use far worse language."
Unless you have a sick fetish strange affinity for really awful Colonial-era rap music, fast forward to around the 1:50 mark.

Yet another brilliant, culturally sensitive move by Today's GOP. Way to grow the tent, fellas. Bravo!

And they wonder why black folks won't even remotely consider voting for them.

Contrary to some reports out there, it's quite clear that they didn't actually say the "N-word", but they definitely used the work "Knickers" as a tongue-in-cheek play-on-words. Which, if you think about it, in some ways, is actually even worse. Lamer still in Crowder's explanation that he used it to make a larger point about "hyper-PC, disingenuous liberals who today seek for a reason to be offended under every rock".

Yeah, what the f*ck ever, dude.

I'm really don't understand the logic here. What does offending black folks with not-so-clever and rather offensive wordplay do to help expand the GOP's shriveling base. If Crowder, a Fox News contributor, thinks this is somehow helping, maybe he's dumber than he looks. And yeah, he looks pretty f*ckin' dumb.

BTW, Andy Samberg called. He wants his shtick back.

Question: If you're a black conservative, please tell me how this "helps the cause" of getting fellow Negroes off the Democratic plantation and onto the life-saving, free market driven utopia that is the GOP.

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