Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Suits, The Best TV Show You've (Probably) Never Heard Of.

I like watching television. I know that's not exactly the most politically correct thing for a supposedly learned man to admit, but who cares? I also read a lot (duh!) so it's not like I'm one dimensional. With that unnecessary non-apology out the way, I'd like to introduce you to your new favorite TV show.

Suits was (is?) a summer show on the USA Network that just finished its first season. If you like legal dramas (and lets face it, who doesn't?) then you'd probably love this. The premise is a bit convoluted and jive unrealistic, but the acting and shifting plotlines are so good you can forgive them. Mike Ross is a stoner/slacker/college dropout with a photographic memory. When he accidentally stumbles into a job interview at a corporate law firm, he gets hired on the spot by Harvey Specter, an arrogant (think a non-Jewish version of Entourage's Ari Gold) high-powered attorney who will do anything to win a case, including passing Mike off as a Harvard Law grad.

What's notable about the show is that it has not one, but two black women in significant lead roles. Gina Torres (Larry Fishburne's wife) owns the aforementioned lawfirm. Newcomer Meghan Markle (yes, she's black also) plays the ace paralegal. An excellent supporting case and great dialogue make this the best thing on TV this side of CBS' equally riveting law drama The Good Wife. Given that show's upcoming deep dive into Will and Alicia's romantic relationship, I think I might be counting down the days till Suits returns next June.

In case you missed this, the shows are on rerunning on USA right now, or you could just catch up by watching full episodes via the show's website.

Question: Have you see Suits? What's your favorite TV show (at the moment)?

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