Wednesday, July 20, 2011

People I Strongly Dislike: Political Cheap Shooters.

Retail Politricks is obviously not a sport for those with thin skin. When you choose to run for office, you willingly submit yourself to a few-holds barred process in which only the fit (and well-funded) survive. It takes a special brand of narcissist to submit oneself (and one's family) to such punishment, which explains why very few ethically sound people bother going into politics in the first place.

Even though gutter tactics are commonplace in modern day American politics, there are still some people who hit a bit too far below the belt. Here's a handful of recent examples of Political Cheap Shooters that I Strongly Dislike.

Playing The "Totally Unnecessary Race" Card - Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee

Shelia Jackson Lee's implication that Republicans were hatin' on Obama "because he black" was tasteless and beneath the office of a US Congresswoman.

Seriously, what point does this prove? Do you think anyone on the GOP side is actually going to come out and say "yeah, you know what Shelia, you're right. We're obstructing because we hate this Negro." Of course not. I've maintained all along that a majority of the Tea Party resistance to Obama has been typical partisan sour grapes. Sure, there's some element of racism at play here, but using the floor of the House to toss out allegations you can't prove just makes you look like a pure jackass, and undermines the entire point (that the GOP is obstructing for political gain) you're presumably trying to prove.

Playing The "Mooslims Are Eeevil!" Card - Daddy Green Herman Cain

Herman Cain can't seem to keep up with his lies and anti-Muslim hatred. I wonder how many Muslims he has in his family. Is there a black person in America that doesn't have a Muslim in their extended family? I've got two myself.

While I get the "short game" (cater to anti-Muslim fears in hopes of winning Iowa) here, I don't get the "long game" (winning the Presidential election). At all. How does Cain think such terribly racist and xenophobic stances are going to play out on the world stage, should he by some miracle of modern medicine, happen to get elected?

Playing The "You're Against Gays, So You're Prolly Gay!" Card - Jon Stewart

I'm a fan of Jon Stewart's style of humor/politricks, but lately dude seems to be wading a bit too much in the Bill Maher waters of tackiness and cheap shots. I'd be the last to defend Michelle Bachmann, but I still think political spouses (yeah,even men) should be off limits. Spare yourself the agony of watching a closeup of Lawrence O'Donnell in HD and skip to the 1:00 mark.

I don't like the inference that Bachmann's husband Marcus is gay any more than I liked the stupid rumors of the Michelle Obama "whitey" tape a few years back. How about we simply judge the candidates on their own views, and their own views alone? Wasn't raising the level of political discourse the whole point of Stewart's pointless rally last Fall? Or was the point just raising the level of Jon Stewart's popularity?

Playing The "Say It Loud! I'm A Douche And I'm Proud!" Card - Rep. Jason Chaffetz

Tea Party favorite Jason Chaffetz seems to be trying hard to win the title of Biggest Douche On The Hill now that Alan Grayson is gone.

What is this guy, a middle schooler? Shouldn't words like "Stupid!" be completely removed from your vocabulary when you win political office? Would a more nuanced critique of your own party's plans hurt, or is Chaffetz too stupid to understand what the word "nuance" means?

Playing The "I'm Ex-Military, So I Can Get Away With Being A Total Jackass Without Suffering Any Consequences" Card - Rep. Allen West

Something (other than that haircut) about this guy always struck me as slightly unhinged. He can go on a venomous screed against Democrats one moment, then appear as perfectly sane and reasonable on TV the next. But this latest attack by the Tea Party favorite, well, it's just out of bounds.

Seriously Colonel West, challenging a woman to a literal fight? Go sit down, sir.

Question: Got any other examples of political cheap shot artists that you strongly dislike?

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