Friday, March 25, 2011

For The Last Effin' Time, Here's Obama's Birth Certificate.

You probably missed the memo if you're a sane person with a working brain, but 3 years after the fact, a staggering percentage of Real Americans still don't think President Obama was born in the United States. The latest high profile Real American to raise the birther flag is reality TV star Donald Trump. Thankfully, the catty ladies of The View won't tryin' to hear that bullsh*t.

Trump's "nobody remembered him in middle school" argument is about as comical as his hair plugs.

For the last time: here is the certificate of live birth.

And here's the Snopes article, which refutes every possible argument about Obama's place of birth.

And by the way for those morons who are tied up on nuances, a Certification Of Live Birth is the same thing as a birth certificate. Most states refer to the official legal document using this term.

Case closed. D*mn. Enough already.

Some conservative commentators have gone as far as to suggest that Obama is purposely not releasing an actual birth certificate because he wants to leave it out there as a litmus test for crazy. Namely, and Presidential aspirant who still thinks he was born in Kenya would send a clear signal to independent voters that they're not to be taken seriously. I don't think the Obama campaign is that smart/dumb. I fail to see how being considered a non-citizen would be an asset in any way, shape, or form.

Still, that doesn't shut up the critics, who keep harping on this issue waaaay beyond its shelf life.

Question: What's up with these "birthers"? Why are supposedly legitimate Presidential aspirants bringing up this non-issue? Is Obama's coyness about addressing this issue an intentional political tactic to separate the crazies from the sane?

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