Friday, January 14, 2011

Pour Out A Lil' Liquor...

No, this post isn't about the recently deceased. It's a Friday. I ain't got the proverbial stomach for anything heavy today, but since the homie CJames mentioned it yesterday, I'm strangely thinking about cheap liquor right now.

I'll make a wild assumption here and say that (based on the comments) my readers are generally well educated, and in many cases upwardly mobile. I'm also going to assume that most of us didn't necessarily grow up this way. Some of us (I ain't namin' no names) prolly grew up in the hood, and a large portion of my readers did some time at a Negro College.

All that said, I'm willing to bet that most of us have tried a 40 ounce a malt liquor, well before Four Loko made it all trendy and whatnot.

Since this is a Friday, and this post is already pointless, I've got a sorta weird question to pose. I've always heard that what a (wo)man drinks says a lot about what sort of (wo)man (s)he is. So I figured I'd ask ya'll what your favorite cheap libation of choice back in the days used to be, and what your preferred poison is today, now that you've got a more sophisticated palette. And if you don't drink at all, tell us why you choose not to.

Back in college, I sampled pretty much every variation of gutrot imaginable, thanks to The College Pantry, a bodega near our campus that was, lets say, very liberal when it came to asking for ID's. I looked every bit of 14 as a college freshman, but I could cop with ease. And cop I did. MD 20/20. Cisco (the original liquid crack!). Richards' Wild Irish Rose. And of course every possible flavor of malt liquor, provided the 40 ounce bottle cost $1.25 or less. When you're in college, basic economics dictate your drinking habits (and eating habits for that matter). Sometimes I look back and wonder how I even graduated, let alone got a Day Job.

Thanks, Negro College!

Nowadays, I'm not a heavy drinker by any means. I like a nice cold Blue Moon (don't forget the oranges slice), and Bud Light Lime isn't too bad either. I'll drink whatever fruity Ciroc/Patron concoction my wife mixes up. But I definitely don't fux with brown/dark liquor anymore though. A bizarre mix of Easy Jesus, a fight with the Duke football team, and an ensuing blackout that makes the whole night hazy pretty much closed the door on that one waaaay back in my HBCU days.[1] Dark liquor is the Devil's Vitamin Water.

Question: Open Bar. What's your favorite libation now, and what was your drink of choice when you had to be a bit more fiscally conservative (aka: broke)?!? Is there anything you won't drink?

[1] CJames, you are officially prohibited from sharing any details of this incident.

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