Friday, October 15, 2010

The Other Side Of The Hoe-Hop™ Game.

[Editor's Note: Yeah, so this unofficially turned into "Examining Hip-Hop" week. Maybe next time I'll make an occasion appropriate banner image.]

So, last week, on this very site, I ran a video that disturbed a lot of ya'll. It was the infamous "I'm Sellin' P***y" video by a trio of hoodrats from the great state of Florida, of course Atlanta who had the unmitigated gall to refer to themselves as "The First Ladies". As the title of the song suggests, these ladies were talking about the time-honored profession of prostitution.

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Response to me running this video wasn't exactly positive, but I think most of ya'll missed the (admittedly muddled) message: namely, what made these ladies any different than your favorite female rap or R&B artist? Sure, the cinematography was lacking, and that one chick who got looowwww in the 3 point stance did look a whole lot like Albert Haynesworth[1], but what exactly was so unusual about women saying they're selling the goods? Ain't that essentially the same thing being pumped into kids' headed 24/7 on your local Hot/Power/Kiss station? Don't believe me, peep this...

Ladies, how many of ya'll were in the club just last weekend shakin' ya'll a$$es to this? Be honest.

How is Diamond any different than those other hoodrats, other than slightly better hair extensions and airplay?[2] Again, same sh*t, different lacefront.

If you're still not quite making the connection here, cause you're bourgeois and missed the understand ghetto brilliance of "Nuck If You Buck" a bit older than the Hot/Power/Kiss key demo, here's another one just for you.

And another one...

And if you're a 70's baby and still clueless, try this one on for size.

As much as hip hop music is (rightfully) assailed as being misogynistic, how come nobody ever sits down and dissects the psychological effects of listening to "No Money, No Coochie'" on both girls and boys? While few would argue that reducing women to body parts for a man's personal pleasure is a sh*tty message to send, why isn't anyone likewise talking about how reducing a man to the size of his paycheck is an equally sh*tty message? Has anyone ever stopped and thought about how much sh*t men do solely to impress women, and how messages like this probably fuel a decent amount of the illegal activity in the black community? Do dope boys sell dope to keep the lights on and food on the table, or because they can use the proceeds to buy stuff that "impresses b*tches"? Cause a man's gotta get his, and if he has to rob me to buy a pair of Rock & Republic jeans to get your attention ladies, then that's pretty sad.

I'm just sayin'.

I think we can all agree that black relationships aren't helped by either sentiment. So how come Hoe-Hop™ is treated as some accepted norm? Ya'll tell me?

Question: Was this a reach, or do you think there's some co-relation between this steady "no romance without finance" drumbeat and a lot of the dysfunction between sexes in the black community. Be honest, ladies, were you at the club last week dancing to "Gotta Lotta Money" or are you above such hoodrat behavior?

[1] Hat tip to blackchildinkorea. That punchline was good enough to be stolen. So I did.

[2] Well, okay, Diamond's better looking. And I read a comment somewhere saying that the lil' chick in The First Ladies was actually a First Dude, soooo.

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