Monday, September 27, 2010

Ashy Or Classy?!? - Katy Perry On Sesame Street?!?

While I vaguely remember hearing "I Kissed A Girl" a few times over the Gold's Gym sound system, I wouldn't know pop singer Katy Perry if she walked into my office right now and starting tapdancing buttnekkid. I do however, know a whole lot about Elmo. He's my 1-year old son's imaginary friend, and there's a piece of officially licensed Elmo merchandise in every room, bathroom, and under every sofa cushion in my house.

"We BEEN HAD Elmo!!!"

Anyways, if a pop tart mostly known for her homoerotic songs and def defying cleavage seems like a strange guest on Sesame Street to you, you ain't alone. The result has set off a debate about decency in children's programming on suburban cul de sacs and at Gymborees nationwide.
Katy Perry is just too much for Sesame Street. The show has decided to remove a segment she filmed after disapproving comments about the singer's not-entirely-kid-friendly attire.

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The segment -- in which Perry sings a toned-down version of Hot N Cold with Elmo -- was originally going to air on New Year's Eve, but the video made its way to YouTube this week and quickly attracted nearly a million views. But with those views came angry comments about Perry's outfit, which showed off her figure.

Sesame Street producers decided it was in the show's best interest to remove Perry's song from the broadcast. A spokesperson said that while they enjoy entertaining adult viewers, their first priority is children.
Here's the video, judge for yourself.

Personally I don't see what the big deal is about this video, or for that matter Perry, who seems rather pretty plain Jane to me. Is her plunging neckline perhaps a bit too much for a toddler show? Maybe so. Is she well aware of what she's doing here? I'm sure she is. Is this "Awww shucks, I totally didn't mean to give your kid a chubby by coming on a children's program with my tits out" act nothing more than a shrewd publicity stunt for Perry? Certainly.

But lets not pretend that children's entertainment is so clean and wholesome like it was back in the day. Any who has suffered thru neverending repeats of watched Shrek 8 million times and peeped all the double entendres knows what I'm talkin' about.

I wouldn't exactly call this one Ashy or Classy. I'm just gonna say it's "Neutral".

What say ye?

Question: Was this video in bad taste for a children's program? What other examples have you seen where the boundaries of appropriate children's program were being pushed?

Katy Perry too hot for Sesame Street [OttawaCitizen]

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