Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ohhhh Snap! Palin Claps Back At Obama!

Seriously, I have no idea what this chick is talkin' about, and neither does she. Nor does the audience because as you can hear, their applause is sporadic at best. For crissakes, she can't even pronounce the name "Chavez" correctly.

"Gold Stars & Cookies"?!? The f*ck is this, middle school?

More Community Organizer Swipes. I'm sure folks making $30k to actually improve this country from a grassroots level really appreciate being marginalized.

"Part-Time Senator"? Trick, how long did you keep your last Day Job?

"Nu-Cu-Lurrr"? Maybe Bush & Palin are right, and the rest of the free world just doesn't understand basic enunciation.

Listen to the 0:30-0:45 second mark, and tell me she doesn't sound more like your local neighborhood pipehead than a Presidential aspirant.

Despite what anyone says about Miss Sarah being "a threat to Liberals", I can't see her as anything other than a gift-wrapped re-election victim for Obama in 2012. Of course, her fellow GOP'ers will ensure she never makes it past primary season. If she thought Katie Couric was tough, wait'll she gets a load of Newt.

I'm sure some of you are wondering "Well AB, if she's no threat, and such a joke, why do you keep wasting valuable megabytes on her?" Honestly, it's because I'm intrigued by this lady's effect on "Real Americans". I find the fact that anyone with half a brain is able to take her seriously both hilarious and downright frightening. I think she embodies so much about what's so wrong about so many people in this country.

Then again, we all know that everytime she shows up somewhere, she's getting a check for a cool $100k to spew this nonsense, which is free market capitalism at its best. That's what you call pimpin' The Game.

And we all know you can't hate The Play-ette.

Question: Did you understand any of this gibberish?

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