Thursday, April 8, 2010

The AverageNation Obama Approval Rating™ - March 2010.

After getting his clock cleaned and bottoming out in the last polling of the Obama Approval rating, our erstwhile President has been on a roll lately. Sure, his opponents are still painting him as a Stalinist Kenyan Dictator, hellbent on defecating on the Constitution[1], but reality is, passing healthcare, education reform, and a pending bout with financial regulation has Obama's campaign-style swagger[2] back. This edition of the poll showed that ya'll agree, as The Beige One rebounded with his best numbers evar[3].

I'm sure skeptics will say that everyone who voted Yes for Obama this time are merely doing so to spite his opposition, but I think that's a shortsighted argument. Reality is, as I theorized all along, Obama's sinking poll numbers likely were a result of Liberals who'd grown tired of his go-along to get along style of leadership, and unwillingness to assert himself to get legislation like Healthcare passed. Since December's poll, Obama's bought back his chief campaign advisor, proactively sought to "control the message", clapped back at his opposition with regularity, and of course gotten the necessary votes to make healthcare legislation a reality. If nothign else, it seems like he's listening, and this bodes well for the Democratic party as a whole in the Fall, and Obama himself come 2012.[4]

See, the sky ain't fallin' after all.

Question: How do you explain Obama's astounding 16 point bump in the poll since December?

[1] Uhhh, never mind the fact that the guy was a professor of Constitutional law. Nope, he doesn't understand what our Founding Fathers were all about. Any yokel with a travel sized copy of the Constitution and a Glen Beck fanclub membership knows more about the Constitution than that evil Obama guy ever could.

[2] I would like to officially retire this word. Anyone got suitable replacements?

[3] See [2].

[4] Just in case you're curious, Obama's current approval numbers are better than The Gipper's at the same point, and roughly the same as Clinton's. Bush Jr's were much better, thanks to 9/11. Carter and Bush Sr's were both much better. Not that that helped them much come re-election. So basically, approval numbers after 15 months on job don't mean sh*t. Basically.

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