Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jacka$$ Gibbs Is At It Again.

I don't know why, after one year of continual foibles and general incompetence, I still hold out hope that Obama will someday replace the comically overmatched Robert Gibbs as WH Press Secretary. Last month's decision to bring back campaign guru David Plouffe has already reaped immediate benefits for the Obama WH as pertains to controlling the message, but a coon like Gibbs just undermines any such progress everytime he opens his trap. Witness today's edition of Caucasian Craziness.
White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs took a swipe at Sarah Palin Tuesday, mimicking the former vice presidential candidate's decision to use her hand as a notepad at the National Tea Party Convention last week.

At the daily press briefing, Gibb showed his left hand with writing on it, which apparently was his grocery list to purchase ahead of the expected snowstorm.

Scrawled on his hand were :

-- Milk

-- Bread (crossed out)

-- Eggs

-- Hope

-- Change

The press secretary said he crossed out bread, just so I can make pancakes."

Palin had seven words scrawled on her hand during the convention, which led some left-leaning bloggers to mock her, in particular, after she joked about President Obama's extensive use of the teleprompter.
Uh, seriously, what sorta imbecile is this guy? The Obama Administration has been best served when it's been proactive in spreading its own message, rather than reacting to TeaBagger foolishness. Making a mockery of something so silly as Palin's Palm Pilot is fair game for late night comics and hack bloggers like myself.

See, that's both funny, and perfectly admissible. But this...

...completely extra and totally unnecessary. Such actions only feed the perception that this administration is "elitist" and looks down on the less intelligent. Reality is, Gibbs and Palin prolly have similar academic records. He really shouldn't be mocking anyone.

But for the President's Official MouthPiece to even go out of his way to so much as acknowledge Palin only cheapens the gravitas of the position, and much like the White House's ill-fated spat with Fox News, only further emboldens the opposition by throwing more gas on a fire that would smolder without such attention. Ignore these people, don't stoop to their level. All you do is make Sarah Palin's going rate for a speech go up, and pre-write a few more corny one-liners for her. Just let it ride, already. But of course, Gibbs, a guy who lusts for the camera and seems to relish the role of resident WH D-Bag, has never been known for his constraint. Great pick, Barry. Great pick.

I am counting down the seconds until Palin's Facebook GhostWriter fires off a missive asking for Obama to remove Gibbs from his position for picking fun at poor Miss Sarah.

Make this the first time I agree with Palin on record: Gibbs. Must. Go.

Question: Am I overblowing this, or should Gibbs have not bothered mocking Palin, given the fact that she does a fine job of that all by herself? What will it take for Obama to ditch Gibbs and hire someone with a clue? Does the WH Press Secretary even wield that much influence anyway?

Gibbs Scrawls Grocery List on Hand in Jab at Palin [FoxNews]

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