Thursday, January 14, 2010

WorkPlace 101: Take This Job... And Shove It.

Even in the depths of an economic recession, reality is, a majority of Americans still roll out of bed each morning and head off to a job. And jobs come in all shapes, sizes, and salaries. Some are great (ie: NBA player), some are not so (ie: strip club janitor) great, but bills must be paid.

Recently, the jobs site CareerCast came out with a list of the 200 best jobs for 2010. The rankings took into consideration things like Environment, Income, and Stress, as well as obvious stuff like Job Growth Outlook.

The 10 Best Jobs were...
1. Actuary
2. Software Engineer
3. Computer Systems Analyst
4. Biologist
5. Historian
6. Mathematician
7. Paralegal Assistant
8. Statistician
9. Accountant
10. Dental Hygienist
Conversely, the 10 Worst Gigs were...
1. Roustabout
2. Lumberjack
3. Ironworker
4. Dairy Farmer
5. Welder
6. Garbage Collector
7. Taxi Driver
8. Construction Worker
9. Meter Reader
10. Mail Carrier
For those unaware, a "roustabout" is not a backup-reggae singer, it's a guy who does menial grunt work on an oil rig. I suppose that is indeed worse than strip club janitor, all things considered. And hell, right now, any job beats collecting unemployment.

I know I sometimes find myself complaining about the daily goings on, but for real, my job (#2) on the "Best" list is pretty sweet. I actually love what I do, find it challenging, and rewarding. NBA player is still my choice, but given the fact that I'm 36, and well, still don't have a wicked jump shot, I think I better make my degree work for me.

Not to get all personal on ya'll, but it's not like we know each other offline anyway. So, just to perform a social experiment, go peep the Top 200 list for yourself, and come back here and tell me 1) where your job ranks and 2) do you think the ranking matches your perception of how much you enjoy what you do. It's a unique social experiment, but I hope you'll participate.

Question: Where did your job rank on the Top 200 list? Do you enjoy it?

Jobs Rated 2010: A Ranking of 200 Jobs From Best to Worst [CareerCast]

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