Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Robert. Gibbs. Must. Go.

For months, I've used my bully pulpit to repeatedly explain to ya'll why President Obama has a serious messaging issue, and how resident douchebag/WH Spokesman Robert Gibbs only further alienates the media with his special brand of incompetence each day. But naw, ya'll think I'm just being a hater cause I really, really, really wanted my main man Jamaal Simmons to get that job, although you and I know his resume went right in the shredder. Cause let's keep it honest: if you ain't from Chi-town, or an Ivy, you are not getting a job in the post-racial White House.

Sadly, Gibbs has gotten so high on his own supply that he actually had the nerve to publicly snap at a respected black female journalist for merely asking some legitimate questions about the "party crashers" last week. And yep, she clapped back. As any man who's been on the receiving end of a tongue-lashing from a sista during the course of his life knows, this got sorta ugly.

Seriously, folks, who the hell behaves like this? This nitwit compares a serious journalist to his preteen child. Personally, I like how the sista (AUN's April Ryan) clapped back on him with that "don't play with me" line. But it didn't stop his arrogant, sneering a$$ from continuing to be a douche.

CNN's Don Lemon (whom I think is doing a great job, BTW) goes on on Gibbs/Ryan Round 5, the video of Ryan's response is much better in this video. This isn't the first time they've gone back and forth, BTW.

Is this really a way for a professional, whose actual job is all about answering questions to react? Do you really think Jamaal Simmons would have cold carried a sista like that? I think not.

Gibbs is, and will always be, a walking epic fail who unfortunately will continue to set the Obama Administration back every day he's allowed to hold court. But then again, the guy apparently has a wicked jump shot, and we know every pickup ball team needs a white dude who can shoot. So...

Question: Did Robert Gibbs completely disrespect this sista, or is he merely doing his job of covering up the rank incompetence of the rest of the WH staff? Was Ryan (who has a rep as a bit of a hothead) out-of-pocket for belaboring the point? What exactly will it take to get this dude canned?

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