Friday, October 9, 2009

Peace Out!

Like prolly most of ya'll, I had to do a triple take and hit the rewind button on the Tivo this morning when I saw "Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize" splash across my TV screen. Seriously, Nobel Peace Prize?!? Even the White House was stunned.
The stunning news of President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize win surprised many in the world community—including the White House.

The president woke up to the news that he had won the honor around 6:00 a.m., and spokesman Robert Gibbs learned from reporters of the development.

The White House offered no immediate comment but a statement is expected today.
White House senior adviser David Axelrod said this morning he knew nothing of the president’s candidacy much less his pending Nobel Prize.

In past years, the names of finalists for the Peace Prize have generally leaked during the deliberations. Campaigns were mounted on behalf of former President Jimmy Carter and former Vice President Al Gore.

“I personally never knew,” Axelrod said in an e-mail.

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said the president had nothing to fear from raised expectations or possible attacks from critics that the prize outstrips his accomplishments. The prize, he said “is associated with the content of his work,” not his celebrity or promises.
I suppose this should shut up some of those who said Obama's "mojo" in the international world was wearing off in the wake of the Olympics setback. But let's cut right to the chase here: I don't think Obama's done enough in his scant 10 months in office to deserve a freakin' Nobel Peace Prize. And being the self-aware man that he is, I'm pretty sure he doesn't think so either. The guy is being used as a political tool by the international community to state the obvious: the rest of the world really, really, really hated George W. Bush.

In fact, they should keep it one hunned and just name this the "Eff' George W. Bush" Prize.

I see a potential right wing talking point emerging already: At some point, he'll be asked to go to Oslo (a beautiful city, and home of the infamous $25 Whopper) to accept this award (all other non-Peace Nobels are awarded in Stockholm, another lovely city. Yeah, I am name dropping. Peep my "International Negro" series if you ain't already) and just like his recent trip to Copenhagen (Another lovely city. Alright, I quit.) many will blame him for skipping out on the pressing issues facing America for something trivial.

But these folks should blame themselves. Seriously, if you voted for Bush, or supported his two nonsensical wars, "holiererest than tho'" sneering, and general d*ickishness in dealing with international issues, you're somewhat responsible for Obama receiving this award. Pat yourself on the back.

On the flipside, I suppose Obama did do some things to contribute to this win. Some will make a point that he spent months flying around the world "apologizing for America", and those folks would be sorta right. But those very same folks always fail to note that Obama always uses that Reuben Studdard move as a smooth setup to knock these very same countries over the head for not exactly being compliant themselves, and to urge them to fall in line. Apparently it works, since every poll you read seems to indicate that the United States favorability rating has improved dramatically in the past 10 months.[1] But of course, that's just a product of Obama being popular, not cause he's got some vague idea of what he's doing.

Ultimately, I hate this award for the very reasons I hate preschool graduation ceremonies (seriously, WTH?). Why celebrate a hollow accomplishment so soon, when there's so much left to be done?

But let's not get it twisted, this is the "Eff' George W. Bush" Prize. Period.

Question: Does Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize just 10 months into his first term? How will the GOP spin this to make him look bad?

Obama’s Nobel Win Stuns Even at White House [WSJ]

[1] And yeah, I know how Conservatives think all polls are skewed in favor of Liberals. Unless the polls fall in their favor of course, then polls are just fine.

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