Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What A Way To Go Out... Out Like A Sucka.

In the panteon of all-time slept-on TV series, few shows have had a successful under-the-radar run like Fox's King Of The Hill. While the show never had the cult following of other animated series like The Simpsons, it clearly was good. You don't run 13 years if you suck. The reason why the show was so good is evident to anyone who ever took the time to get into the series: it's not really a cartoon. It's really more of a sitcom, with well-rounded characters, and interesting story arcs, that just so happened to be animated. The sheer brillance of the series is that it seldom, if ever, stretched the realm of reality. These were regular folks, with regular problems, and regular solutions. Indeed, it was just a good sitcom, disguised as a cartoon.

Which made Sunday's series finale all the more disappointing.

I mean, c'mon, was that all ya'll had? Really? A lame two episode, one hour finale that went out with a thud? The show deserved a much better sendoff. Then again, considering how Fox has screwed the series by pre-empting it for football, going weeks and weeks without new shows, and treating it as the redheaded stepchild to The Simpsons and The Family Guy? The past couple of seasons (which spawned barely a handful of new episodes) seemed unnecessarily drawn out. There was a perfectly good series finale about two seasons ago (the one where Luanne and Lucky got married), but apparently these final shows were just playing out the string.

Again, we (and The Hills) deserved much better.

For those of you who never really got into the show, rejoice. With hundreds of episodes in the hopper, it's hard to not see it living a long afterlife in syndication. Just set your DVR, and you'll probably get a handful of shows everyday. It takes awhile to understand who the characters are, but trust me, you'll enjoy it.

Too bad I can't say that about Sunday's finale.

Fox, FTL.

Question: Got any other notable examples of really, really, really laaame series finales?

[1] Cyber Props to the first person to tell me the origin of the post title.

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