Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Inaugural RoundTable.

[Editor's Note: New feature alert! I'm always trying to keep it fresh n' clean around here, and sometimes this means straight jackin' borrowing ideas from other blogs. Shout out to Sean from FreshExpress. Future editions of The Roundtable will be by invitation, so keep an open eye.] is an equal opportunity soapbox, thus the inclusion of frequent Guest Posts to keep things well-rounded, avoiding the echo-chamber effect. The Roundtable tosses out a handful of questions to our AverageContributors™ and runs the best replies. On deck today are The Ebony Gentleman, Citizen Ojo, Danielle Bean, Ebonie, and The Uppity Negro.

Question One - President Obama is set to give a speech to Congress about his plans for healthcare reform tonight. Given his floundering approval ratings, do you think Obama will ultimately be able to get his signature legislation passed without dumping the public option? What will he need to do differently to accomplish this?
Citizen Ojo - Time for a reality check! The Public Option is dead. If he could find 10 Republicans to vote for the Public Option he could pass it. But there hasn’t been 10 Moderate Republicans since Reconstruction so that’s out. There is too much Horse Trading on Capital Hill. You can’t negotiate with the Devil but you know how the President does things. Two beers and some bar nuts later and you got a deal.

Ebonie - I would like the public option to make it to a final bill, but at this point it’s looking bleak. Getting the White House on one accord is a must if President Obama is going to turn the health care reform message around. And if he stopped trying to appease those who are hell-bent against health care reform and worked to get the full support of his party, I think that could make the difference.

The Uppity Negro - Well, I'm sure he's going to use his teleprompter, so that's not anything different. I'm not convinced that's he's going to do anything different than he already has. He prematurely shot off early during the campaign, it's all downhill now.
Question Two - Mike Vick, despite serving 18 months in jail, is still being demanded by the PETA, The Humane Society, and other animal rights groups to repent for his sins. At what point does a man pay his debt to society?
Ebonie - The point when the debt is paid is different depending on the situation. But in Vick’s case, animal rights groups won’t be happy until he’s on TV being attacked by a group of PETA-approved rabid dogs tearing his limbs apart. Then, maybe, just maybe they’d be satisfied with his punishment.

Citizen Ojo - His debt to society will be decided by how well he plays on Sunday. If the Eagles make it to the playoffs he will be the toast of Philly. His problem is that he can’t wear fur coats and own dogs. What kind of Black Football player doesn’t own a pit bull and a chinchilla coat?

The Uppity Negro - Apparently, Michael Vick needs to buy a whole kennel and be photographed playing with a bunch of white poodles and petting them. Come on, he's paid his debt to society, it's much more funny to talk about the guy arrested for having sex with that horse in South Carolina. Otherwise PETA needs to set up headquarters in Korea.

EbonyGentleman- According the law, a man's debt is paid once the last day in prison is done. Vick shouldn't have to do anything for PETA. They are only in it for the publicity. The Philly Eagles have NOT lost any sponsors since Vick joined the team, and the fans gave him a loud ovation in his first action on the field. The NFL Commissioner has let Vick come back earlier than expected. This story is DONE.)
Question Three - 80's Rap legend Roxanne Shante was recently busted for fabricating a story about having her college degree paid for by her record label. Lil Kim', Foxy Brown, and Remy Ma are either in jail, or have done time. Eve & Queen Latifah are acting. Missy Elliott is played out. Lauryn Hill just had Marley Baby #18. There isn't a notable female rapper to speak of right now. Is the Femcee extinct, or can lady rappers make a comeback? How?
The Uppity Negro - The female emcee as we know it, is dead. There aren't any famous rappers to sleep with and get on in the industry anymore a la Biggie Smalls. But isn't that more of an indictment of the larger music industry than about female emcees in general.

Ebonie - I think Femcees could make a comeback. What’s great about music right now is that you don’t have to go through the mainstream to get your music out there. This would actually be a good time for Femcees to try and get out there because I think they could gain followers just by being something different in the rap world right now.

Danielle - "What a man What a man, What a man What a mighty good man......" So rap about them and other things women have an interest in like child support being paid on time, maintaining our relationships, breaking the glass ceiling, being a single mom, our attempts at being Superwomen, PMS, for goodness sakes; I'd buy it!
Question Four - R&B Singer Trey Songz is the latest celebrity to be accused of being on the DL. What is it about some black folks and their obsession with questioning the sexuality of every famous person of color? Should this question be finished with a [pause], or is the whole [pause] thing part of the problem?
Ebonie - That dreaded phrase is definitely part of the problem. For many of the famous black gay people whose main audience is black, coming out would be like a KKK member admitting he didn’t mind black people so much. And some black people are more comfortable questioning the sexuality of black celebs than they would be if that black celeb did come out and admitted that he/she was gay.

Citizen Ojo -Well if he is gay someone needs to tell my cousin, because she was going to see him in concert or in his case "on stage". I don’t know why black folks have an obsession with the sexuality of black entertainers. By the way, is Queen Latifah still a lesbian?

The Uppity Negro - As I pause to say, yes, pause is part of the problem. Folks just want some of his goodies and that's the new thing to do--say their gay and secretly wish they could storm him at his hotel room. But if I see him around Atlanta this Labor Day weekend, I'll let y'all know he's not just here for vacation, lol.

Danielle - We're just nosy. But the questions and curiosity signal that as a culture, we're ready for an openly black gay celebrity, newscaster, country singer, puppet, something......we know you're there......and we're going to keep knocking until you come on out.
Question Five - Ashy or Classy?!? Was the Smurf-inspired bowtie/sweater vest combo that Chris Brown wore on Larry King Live really that bad?
Citizen Ojo - A Bowtie is one of the finest garments in men's haberdashery. Sweaters are also good when used to compliment another garment. But you do not mix the two when you are being interviewed for assaulting of a woman. R Kelly pissed on a chick and what did he wear when he was interviewed? He wore a business suit of course. Chris Brown, take a lesson from R Kelly on class.

EbonyGentleman- Nah. It was goofy looking, but at least he didn't look like a flaming idiot. I do want to ask a question though. When did it become NORMAL for a man to wear earrings in BOTH ears? One I can see. Two just screams down low brother to me.

Danielle - Yeah. It was a bit over the top. He was truly ready to go smurfing with Papa, Brainy, Lazy,Smurfette, but most importantly Bishop Smurf and the whole deacon board.
Question: What do you think? Does Obama need to come out swingin' tonight? When will Vick be truly free? Is the femcee dead? Is it time to drop the pause/no homo thing altogether? How bad was Chris' sweater/bowtie?

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