Friday, August 21, 2009

Erry'body Hates Michelle-O...

Some folks ain't happy about those shorts, or something. Here's a smattering of supportive comments from My Favorite Termagant's Blog. I would have copied and pasted more, but my heart wrist got tired.
My eyes! quick! someone put an apple in the pigs mouth and put her on the spit.

How about a viewer warning next time…please?

First, the media was publishing too many pictures of Duh Ones man-boobs! NOW we’re gonna have too many pictures of Mrs. Duh Ones THUNDER THIGHS!!

I want 100 bucks on 30 pounds since last fall. no way she has not gained 30 pounds

Michelle O, First Drag Queen

Yeah, she’s doing a bang-up job of lowering the standards set by distinguished women that came before her.

Chewie in shorts? Not good. Keeping it real has it’s drawbacks. It’s like watching a Good Times rerun.

They need to go back to Chicago. They’re more at home there.

Frankly I could not care less what she wears or if she wears anything. I have no interest in this woman whatsoever. Sorry. However a super-sized baggie might work.

I could have gone all year without that image of Obama in my eyes, Michelle. Please if you are going to post such images in the future send out some kind of warning and an expiration so I will know to stay away until the image runs its course.

Another pig with lipstick.

Dude looks like a lady.

Whats next??? 20 yr old rusty caddy,s on blocks on white house lawn……

Looks like a gunny sack with two bulldogs fighting.

When they get done checking the South African runner, maybe they could stop by the white House because I have doubts…

Forty axe-handles wide.

Sorry to ask this, but does she even have a bra on?

The Clampetts are in DC… cavorting among their new found riches… but their hearts are of the ghetto moochers…

The golden Sasquatch rides again!

No class. The two of them have absolutely no class. Surprised she doesn’t have a huge floppy hat and enormous sunglasses and flip-flops. Nice to see they are bringing back the term, “Ugly American”.

I was just getting used to the blessed silence on the topic of Michelle Obama when my eyes see this. UGH, back to the decontamination chambers. Please waterboard me again, just don’t uncover anything else.

the beast wearing shorts on AF1 should not shock anyone, the standards have been lowered to gutter level to accommodate the trash living at the wh now.
Yep, post-racial America! Feel The Power!

Question: Do you feel post-racial after reading those comments from "real Americans"?

And now for some hard-hitting reporting on Michelle Obama []

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