Monday, July 13, 2009

The Last Sarah Palin Post You'll Ever Read On

We here at pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest in relevant news. There are only so many hours in the day available for me and my motley crew of AverageContributors™ to blog, so it's important that the time here is utilized wisely. We don't burn time talking about the great Buffalo Bills' teams of the 1990's. We don't bother debating Gregory Abbott's Greatest Hits. We don't theorize about whatever happened to Jemario Jemario.[1] Simply put, we don't waste valuable time and megabytes on things and people that don't really matter.

Add one more person to this "will not blog about" list.
A majority of Americans believe that Sarah Palin is resigning as governor of Alaska not because it's in the best interest of her state but because it will benefit her political career, a new CBS News poll finds.

Just 24 percent of those accept Palin's explanation that she resigned because it was the right thing to do for Alaska. More than twice that percentage – 52 percent – cited her political ambition as the reason for her resignation. An additional 14 percent said they don't know the reason.

Even Republicans are skeptical of the explanation, with a higher percentage saying Palin resigned for her political career (36 percent) than saying she did so for Alaska (31 percent).

Thirty-nine percent of those surveyed expect Palin to run for president in 2012, while 43 percent say she will not. If she runs, she'll likely face widespread skepticism: As CBS News revealed Monday morning, just 22 percent say Palin has the ability to be an effective president. Sixty-five percent say she does not.

Less than one in four Americans – 23 percent – hold a favorable view of Palin. Thirty-seven percent hold an unfavorable view of the former Republican vice presidential nominee. Another 39 percent are undecided.
Spin this any way you'd like, but reality is, a relatively unbiased poll shows that most folks would rather vote for Fantasia Barrino than vote for Sarah Palin. Add to this the hesitance that many candidates from her own party are having towards having her stump on their behalves, and the fact that a large amount of the rumors, innuendo, and criticism of Palin come from within her own party. Call that what you like, but I call it a recipe for an epil fail of Dukakisian proportions in 2012. Sorry, but it is what it is, folks. And that's a fact, Jack.

So, with that, let the record reflect that as of 7.14.9, the words "Sarah Heath Palin" will never be uttered again here at[2]

That is all.

Question: Am I right to write Palin off, or is it too soon to call it? Just how long will I actually stick to this self-imposed Palin Ban?!? 2 days? 2 weeks? Infinity?

Poll: Most Say Palin Resigned To Help Her Career [CBS]

[1] Uhhhmmm, but seriously, if you know what happened to Jemario Jemario, please let me know. Dude was funny.

[2] Well, unless she actually does something newsworthy, of course.

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