Saturday, May 30, 2009

What Ya'll Know Bout'... Roy Ayers?!?

I know I'm posed' to be swearing off [pauses], but [pause] on the tight yellow shirt, which was apparently cool in the 70's. This, my friends, is the work of a musical genius. Off-kilter sangin' and all.

Most folks only know Roy Ayers from "Everybody Loves The Sunshine", but this guy has decades (yes, decades) of hits. And I own every album he's ever put out. No illegal downloads, the real jawns. He was one of my Pops' favorite artists, and he's been my favorite for years.

Oddly, he's also a relatively unknown artist, even though he tours continually and has an amazing volume of his music sampled for hip hop songs. And it makes me wonder, just what other "underrated", little known artists are your favorites?

Question: Who is your favorite "little known/unheralded/slept on" artist? You a Roy Ayers fan too?

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