Monday, April 6, 2009 Guest Post - Don’t Hate The Player, Hate The Game, Sarah.

[Editor's Note: Citizen Ojo is back.]

Have you ever seen a jack in the box that was broken? You try to stick it back in the box but it keeps popping up. That is how I feel about Governor Sarah Palin. Jenna Jameson has never had this much exposure. Every time I think it’s the last time – she pops back up. You can’t say that she is back in the news because she never left. Now Palin wants Senator Mark Begich to step down from office. Not because he was involved in a scandal. No dead hookers or little boys. Or it is dead boys and little hookers?? Anyway………Sen. Begich beat Former Senator. Ted Stevens in the 2008 election.

Recently the Department of Justice asked a judge to toss out corruption charges against Former Sen. Stevens. Palin wants a special election to fill the seat that Sen. Begich took. Palin feels that the election was tainted because of “improper influence of a conviction that the Department of Justice tells us was improper.” What the whoseit? So Former Sen. Stevens lost because Alaskans thought he might be guilty? How is that Sen. Begich’s fault? A jury convicted Stevens of seven counts of lying on financial disclosure forms. Is it Sen. Begich’s fault that Former Sen. Stevens was convicted days before the election? Plain and simple Former Sen. Stevens got caught slipping!! As the saying goes: you snooze you lose. If you drop a 5 spot on the street and I come by minutes later now I have 5 dollars. These are the breaks!!! Many a man lost a job or a woman because he slipped up. Sen. Begich caught Former Sen. Stevens on a bad day. It’s like watching a phantom right hook from the “Old” Mike Tyson. All you can do is wait for the count to end and for someone to pick you up.

FYI: Did I mention that former Sen. Stevens is a Republican and Sen. Begich happens to be a Democrat. I know you are going to say, “Citizen Ojo, there you go spreading Liberal propaganda.” First of all I’m an Independent. But I know haters when I see them. And Palin and the Republicans are hating. Sen. Begich ran a campaign and beat the man fair and square. No need for a do over or a recount. The people have spoken and Sen. Begich won. If Palin has a problem with democracy, Sen. Begich should tell her to kick rocks.

Question: Do Palin and Stevens have a point, or do they need to go drink an ice cold can of STFU?

Palin Says Alaska Senator Should Step Down [DailyBeast]

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