Thursday, March 19, 2009

Robert Gibbs - Stand-Up Guy Or Chatty DoucheBag?!?

Some say the job of a White House Press Secretary is perhaps even more stressful on a day-to-day basis than that of the President. It's easy to understand why. 90% of the communication that the media attributes to "The President's Camp" comes from this person. It's often a job that's overlooked by most, but the impact this person has on how the media perceives the President (whom they speak to far less frequently) is undeniable. In essence, to the media, this person is the voice of the President for all intents and purposes.

And that's why I'm admittedly not too crazy about this Robert Gibbs cat. Ya'll know that I pushed for my man Jamaal Simmons to get this gig. He did a great job carrying weed representing the President's viewpoints on CNN and other various cable outlets last year. He was often the sole voice of reason, never lost his composure, and communicated clearly. Of course as with most Obama hirees, Barry chose his homeboy (Gibbs), and other qualified minorities (ie: Simmons) without connections are back to working at Sizzler.

Change We Can Believe In, indeed.

Anyways, the thing that sorta irks me about Gibbs is that he seems to pick some curious battles. I personally think he is an extension of Obama, in that both are confrontational and don't let sh*t slide. As an aspiring confrontational guy who also doesn't let sh*t slide, I can appreciate this.

But on the flipside, Gibbs spends an awful lot of time addressing relatively trivial matters that are waaaay below his pay grade. It's clear that like many of us, he pays attention to cable news chatter. No problem there. TeeVee sucks, I watch plenty of cable news myself. But why does Gibbs give such inane subjects and inconsequential people sooo much attention? Instead of issuing a standard "no comment" or a brolic "man, I am speaking for the freakin' President! Miss me with that petty bullsh*t!", he willingly fields questions (and sometimes starts convos unprompted) about the latest happenings in basic cable. Witness the following, from the past few weeks alone.

Gibbs claps back at Dick Chaney.

Gibbs on The Daily Show vs Cramer publicity stunt beef.

Gibbs remarks on that ignoramus, Rick Santelli.

While I largely agree with Gibbs' stance on all the above issues, it's a bit troublesome that he even bothers addressing them. Santelli is a minion on a station nobody watches. Ditto for Cramer. Rush is a lose-lose. Chaney is last year's news. None of these guys are helping get your budget passed. Why bother speaking on someone so insignificant?

What's next, is he gonna chime in with his comment on that latest development in the 50 Cent/Rick Ross feud?[1] Does he think Lil' Kim will win this year's Dancing With The Stars?[2] Is he as repulsed by "Don't Hide Dat, Divide Dat" as I am?[3]

Come on Robert, you're above that stuff. Man up. And learn when to shut up.

Question: Do you think Robert Gibbs needs to fall back and quit putting fuel on such petty fires? Does he give guys like Rush, Hannity, Santelli, etc. more power when he uses his soapbox to ether them? Is Jamal Simmons washing dishes or bussin' tables at Sizzler?

[1] What 50 did to Ross' other baby mama is inexcusable. There are children involved here.

[2] I think Lil' Kim has a shot.

[3] Awful song. Just awful.

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