Monday, March 16, 2009

I Always Knew There Was Something Fishy About 20/20.

So, I'm watching 20/20 on DVR the other day, and John Stossel is off on yet another of his "white guys are so smart we can convince you to believe and buy anything" tangents, as usual. Like more Americans, I watch shows like 60 Minutes, Dateline, and Primetime with my 3rd eye. Sure, they are presented as investigative news magazines, but they often fall into the very same trick bag as clearly biased news organizations like MSNBC and Fox News. The hosts and producers have an agenda they want to promote, and to do so, they'll trot out their own specially chosen (and paid) set of "experts" to co-sign their opinion, thus making it appear to be the gospel.

No episode proved this point better than the recent "Bailouts and Bull" edition, where Stossel went in on gubb'ment spending and whether or not the trillions of dollars the Obama administration is printing will pay off.

The show tackled topics like transportation, education, unemployment, immigration, and the stock market, all in the grand scheme of proving that less gubb'ment is the solution to the economic crisis, which may or may not even be a crisis.

While he has some valid points interspersed, it becomes excessively clear by the 3rd vignette that there's an ulterior motive here. Stossel is obviously anti-spending, which I suppose I could understand. The problem is, he doesn't suggest many realistic solutions (other than not spending and less gubb'ment) and the "experts" he throws up are often people (ie: the daycare owner who is anti-universal Pre-K) with a vested interest in seeing the President's plans fail. Is this supposed to be objective journalism?

The show really hits a low point with its final segment, which suggests that the "middle class" isn't really as bad off as it seems. To drive the point home, he tells a quick story of a white guy who picked a random town, moved there with $25 to his name, and in no time flat, had his own car and apartment, as if to prove that it is that simple to "make it". Seriously, watch the whole thing before you comment.

Wowzers! Is this supposed to be serious, unbiased journalism?

Stossel talks about "less gubb'ment" and presents a story of a guy who lived in a gubb'ment supported shelter as proof of how everyone can make it through the recession without the gubb'ment getting involved?

Wigga Please!

I've always known something was a bit off about this guy, and a quick Google turned up the fact that he's a Libertarian. Let that one sink in, and think a bit deeper the next time you see him on 20/20 playing his "smart guy" routine.

Besides, I can't look at Stossel without remembering this.

"You think it's fake!" {What did the 5 fingers say to the face? SLAAAPPPP!!!}

John Stossel, go have a cold can of STFU and sit down.

Question: Is there any such thing as truly unbiased journalism? Does Stossel have some valid points or is he just another hack with an agenda and a really big soapbox?

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