Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Most Riot-Inducing Rap Song, Evar?!?

Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones Part II" is one of my all time favorite rap songs. I remember the time I first heard it. It was in some dive club in the hood just off the campus of my Negro College HBCU. The song comes on, and no more than 30 seconds later, a fight breaks out.

"Stab your brain with your nose bone."[1]

Cotdang! That is some hardcore rhymin'. Never mind the fact that Prodigy has sickle cell anemia and that if you stacked him and Havoc[2] on top of each other [||] they still couldn't change a light bulb. Nope, when this seminal hit dropped in 95', there was no harder duo in rap than these kids from QB.[3]

This is a certified Negro Riot Anthem.[4] Throw it, or Onyx's "Throw Your Gunz", or Brand Nubian's "Punks Jump Up" on, and I guarantee somebody will get knocked the eff' out before you get to the hook.

One thing I've never understood is why this song is called "Shook Ones Part II". Was there a "Shook Ones Part I"? I remember the cassingle (damn, the 90's) for this song having a different version on the B-side that was the same lyrics but with a far more boring beat, but I don't think even that was "Shook Ones Part I", was it? So, I'm wondering, where the heck is "Shook Ones Part I"?

I suppose I could Google this, but I'm too lazy and just don't trust anything I find on wikipedia anymore. If you know the answer to this probing question, please respond and end my misery.

Update: Here's the long-forgotten "Shook Ones Part I". Turns out it was that other song on the B-side of the cassingle. Hat tip to Thembi.

Question: Was there a "Shook Ones Part I"? Did Jay-Z more or less ether The Infamous Mobb's careers with that Summer Jam "ballerina" photo? Is you a crook sonn, or just a Shook One? Know any other rap songs that can guarantee a fight?

[1] It made for a nice line, but is that even medically possible?

[2] Funny story, I ran into this dude twice in the same week. Once off 7th Street around Howard Homecoming, then the next weekend in front of a shoe store near NYU. Driving the same rented neon green Chevy Blazer for a full week. Nice guy though, actually.

[3] Except for the fact that they're driving around an a freakin' Saab. Librarians drive Saabs, not killas and hunned holla billaz.

[4] Uhhh, can someone also explain the "Hennesy" shirts to me while we're at it?

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