Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What The Hell Is Barry Doing?!?

I don't usually blog during my work day, but I had to stop the presses for this latest dose of Presidential Negro Nonsense.
Democrats have complained that Republican Sen. Judd Gregg is too pro-business, but the former tax lawyer is also known as a cool-headed and stubborn negotiator willing to break ranks with his party if need be.

Gregg, a key player in devising the $700 billion banking bailout package in the fall, is the only person ever elected senator, congressman, governor and executive councilor in New Hampshire. Now he's in the running to add another title to his long resume: commerce secretary.

Gregg's role in the banking bailout surely would have been used against him in a re-election bid, and Democrats were already gunning for his seat.

A month after defeating John Sununu in November, New Hampshire Democrats sent out a news release in which state party Chairman Raymond Buckley accused Gregg of being George W. Bush's "top enabler" in the Senate and predicting he would be held accountable for the failed economy, the war in Iraq and "the entire Bush tenure."

But Buckley changed his tune when the prospect of Gregg leaving the Senate enhanced Democratic chances for victory next year; Gregg's (Republican) replacement would serve the remaining two years of his term but not run for the seat in the 2010 election.

An early backer of Bush's presidential bid, Gregg played an important role in passing Bush's major education legislation, the No Child Left Behind Act.

Despite his long, close ties to the Bush family, Gregg has bucked his party on some issues. He opposed Bush's 2005 energy bill, voted against a proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman, and has supported embryonic stem cell research.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs joked that Gregg might join the president, his aides and advisers on the basketball court.

"Sen. Gregg looks like he might have an inside game," Gibbs said.
Yeah, how stereotypical. This sh*t always comes down to some tired basketball analogy. And political maneuvering too. Can't forget that. Everything is political. I already get that. But dang, how about just hiring a qualified person who comes without drama or for some ulterior motive?

Who the hell is Obama's headhunter? Governor David Paterson?!? I haven't seen this many bad personnel moves since MJ was in charge of my local NBA Team.

I bet ya'll 5 Cyber CapriSuns some unsavory information about Gregg is gonna drop anyday now. The fact that dude was instrumental in that botched abortion of an education policy, aka: The Dreaded No Child Left Behind Act, tells me all I need to know about this pick. The fact that's he's a Bush weedcarrier is merely mustard on the sh*t sandwich of a Cabinet that this administration is putting together.

Nice job Barry, keep f*ckin' it up for errybody.

I don't know Symantec Chairman and CEO John Thompson from that John Thompson, but I'd think a brotha from the Corporate world likely has less dirt on him than a career politrician.

Then again, this clearly isn't about qualifications, it's about political chess.

And we're all getting played.

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