Wednesday, February 11, 2009

People I Strongly Dislike: The MachoSauce Guy.

[Editor's Note: Because you requested it. There. Be happy.]

You've prolly seen The MachoSauce Guy on YouTube. For some inexplicable reason, his series of web vids get hundreds of thousands of hits.

I understand being proud of your Conservative principles, but this guy, and others of his ilk, always seem to have some ulterior motive that's deeper than politricks.

Notice how this cat (his name is Alfonzo) seems so defensive about (what else) those who disagree with him and the way he expresses his ideals.

Oddly (as AverageSisInLaw will attest), this guy looks just like a close relative of mine, voice and mannerisms aside, so I can only be so upset with him. But it constantly amazes me when people get so worked up like this.

Witness Jesse Lee Peterson.

And the infamous Pastor David Manning.

Again, I get having principles, but people who are so defensive and dogmatic always seem like they're trying to overcompensate for something else. Was Young Zo picked on by the other hood kids for "talkin' white"? Did Shaquanza turn him down and go to the prom with some thug? Does he hate his broad Negroid nose? I dunno, but obviously there's more than meets the eye. I doubt you'd find many black folks (yours truly included) so dogmatic and unflexible about the Democratic Party. Most of us have more common sense than that.

I dunno, for some reason, this cat just annoys me. What do ya'll think?

Question: Is The MachoSauce Guy (and others of his ilk) just strong in his convictions, or is he dealing with some sorta misplaced outrage at Negroes in general?

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