Thursday, January 22, 2009 Is Now An N-Word Free Zone.

You guys know my stance on "the dreaded N-Word" by now. I consider it a curse word of sorts, it's absolutely not a term of endearment, and I try to shy away from using it as much as possible. That said, it's not like I've been incredibly successful in this endeavor here on the blog.

While I gratuitously use the word Negro as a mild mannered substitute, nothing beats the sheer ferocity of the non-watered-down variant. I'll admit to slipping and using this at least a couple times a week on the blog. And of yeah, there was the small matter of that N*gga Nonsense tag.

Recently my wife, who seldom reads the blog, told me I needed to stop using it here on Her reasons were numerous, valid, and shall remain private, but well, she was convincing enough. So, as of January 1st, is officially an N-Word Free Zone.

I don't see this changing the tone of the blog much, and it's really more of a formality (which included renaming the N*gga Nonsense tag to Negro Nonsense) than anything else. However, it does raise a quandary[1], sometimes when you really need to emphasize a point, no word works better than a good ole' N-Bomb. So, I'll need a reasonable substitute. If you have suggestions, get at me.

Question: Will making an N-Word Free Zone take some of the blog's edge away? Have you got a reasonable substitute I can use instead? What's your stance on "the dreaded N-Word"?

[1] $2 word.

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