Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What To Buy Your Man For Christmas.

Ladies, let's talk for a moment. Fellas, kick rocks.

You've got a few days left to find that special gift before Christmas rolls around. You've already bought your husband/man/significant other/Baby Daddy/weekend jumpoff all the clothes, shoes, and cologne he needs. So flip the script and cop him something he can use everyday.

After years of hand wringing, I was given a Sirius Satellite radio for my birthday, and it's been the best present evar. I'll admit that the reason I never bought one for myself is because the techonology seemed too puzzling and I couldn't choose between XM and it's competitor, Sirius. Boy, was I ever wrong. With the Sirius/XM merger out of the way, the programming array is virtually the same on both carriers, and the equipment is going for crackhead prices.

With over 100 stations of music, comedy, news, and sports, it doesn't get any better. And thanks to the recent merger, the units themselves have never been cheaper. You can cop one for less than $50 for a low end model, and the monthly service is less than the price of a trip to Starbucks. What a bargain!

My favorite station is Jamie Foxx's FoxxHole, which features comedy clips, music, and live shows by Jamie, Sheryl Underwood, and others. Shade 45 and Hip Hip Nation are must-hear radio for rap fans, and there are other stations for virtually every genre of music, even Disney Radio for when the kids are riding shotgun. Between this, and 20-some news stations, there's something for everyone.

I'm not getting paid for this plug, but you can help The AverageKids 529 Plan by purchasing your gift from Amazon.com via the link belowand it'll arrive in time for Christmas. Get a Free 3-Day Trial of Sirius Online Radio if you wanna take it for a spin first.

Happy holidays! Fellas, try to act surprised when you unwrap it.

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