Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ashy Or Classy?!? : Regions Of Rock KidsWear™.

Apparently it's now mandatory to have your own boutique clothing line if you're semi-famous and live in Atlanta. We've already seen everyone from T.I., to T-Boz, to The Real Housewives Of Atlanta roll out their own lines of gear. And who could ever forget Andre 3000's disastrous Ghetto Bagger Vance collection?

Just to set the tone, play this music in the background.[1]

Not to be outdone, 90's R&B maven Monica, who hasn't had a hit since the first Bush term, flips the script with her own line of children's clothes called Regions of Rock. I'm not exactly up on this sorta stuff, but Rock is either her toddler son (who oddly looks like a child-sized Stephen Curry) or her Baby Daddy. I'm sure one of you will set the record straight on this pressing matter.

An AverageCommenter™ sent me these photos of the line which were posted on a gossip blog, and I figured I'd present them to you guys and see if they pass the smell test.

Peep the pocket chain, iced grill/mean mugg, crispy white-tee, and all-black Nikes. You just know Lil' Rock is killin' em' at Bankhead Child Development Center!!!

What's up with Monica and them faux animal prints though? Man, how does one hustle backwards and become a hoodrat with age? Ain't it posed' to happen the other way around? See, that's why I always had a grown-man crush on Brandy.

Anyways, I'll give you guys my opinion on this later, but I'll ask you now.

Question: Ashy Or Classy!?! Would you buy your infant/toddler an R.O.R. outfit to rock to daycare? Is this clothing line just harmless youth fun or predisposing toddlers to a lifetime in The Traaaap?

[1] How sad is it to watch some talentless herb ruin a hot track like that? Hot Dollar?!? Ninja please.

Official Regions Of Rock Website

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