Monday, November 24, 2008

The Worst Monday Evar?!?

And I thought I had a bad Monday.

Between the mini-mutiny on the comment boards for that Budweiser post (It was a joke, people. A half-baked one, but still a joke.) and the crappy day I had with my customer, I couldn't see things getting any worse.

Then again, I could always be Washington Wizards coach Eddie Jordan.

Make that ex-coach.

After a cringe inducing 1-10 start the coach was "relieved of his duties" barely a month into the season. Perhaps the coldest part is that the team allowed Jordan, his wife, and kids to unknowingly attend the team's annual charity Thanksgiving turkey giveaway and then gave him the axe the moment event ended. Happy Holidays.

I feel bad because I've always liked Jordan. One of the few coaches in all of sports who had the dream job of coaching his hometown team, Jordan's always been a class act whose offensive genius is underrated. He could never get the team to even pretend to play defense, but all things considered, 4 straight playoff appearances are nothing to sneeze at. Injuries to various key players finally caught up with him, and losing badly to a Knicks team that had just traded it's two top scorers and only dressed 7 players Saturday night didn't help.

Still, his 6 year run in DC was memorable. Despite how he was dispatched, he'll certainly get another gig soon enough.

Happy trails Eddie.

Question: Which coach (any sport, not just the NBA) is next to get canned? My money says Charlie Weiss.

Wizards will miss Eddie Jordan ... if they're ever healthy [SportingNews]

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