Monday, November 24, 2008

Is Budweiser Offended By Black Women's Butts?!?

First things first: I'm no perv, so I hope nobody gets the wrong idea from this post. Still, as a red blooded American male with two eyes, I can't help but notice God's natural beauty when it's right there in my face on my 50-inch HD set. I'm sure I'm not the only one who just happened to notice the curvaceous sista in this recent Bud Light commercial. In case you're clueless, watch around the 8-10 second mark. She's in the purple on the left, holding the limbo stick.

Okay, so could someone explain to me why the sista has now been mysteriously cropped out of an oddly revised version of the very same commercial? I couldn't find a Youtube of this, but to make my point in the name of journalistic integrity, I snapped a camera phone pic of the ad. AverageSis walked in, witnessed the spectacle, and asked me what the hell I was doing.

Research baby. Research.

Seriously, where's the booty? They just sliced the sistas badonk in half. And ya'll know how much I hate making a "racial thing" out of something so inane, but you'll notice that the white chick suggestively lunging for the beach ball is damn near F.D.A.U.[1]. The sista gets her cheeks cut for merely standing and holding a limbo pole.

That sh*t is racist!!!

Quick, somebody get Rebb'n Al on the line. Where's Jesse? What About Our Daughters?!? I need some answers!

[Editor's Note: Is it just me, or is that Dave Chapelle-looking guy in damn near every other commercial on TV right now?]

I'm assuming Budweiser might have gotten some complaints (from whom, I have no clue) about the objectification of women in their ads and decided to make this minor edit to appease someone, but seriously, how come the sista is the only one that got the figurative axe? Is Budweiser on some ole' Yung Berg "I don't do dark butts" nonsense, because if they are I'd sure like to know. Not that I'm boycotting or anything. I only have about one Corona a month, so I'd hardly hurt their sales, even if I did drink their watered down beer.

Am I the only one just slightly disturbed by this development?

[Update: A faulty aspect ratio setting on my TV is the real culprit. Budweiser does value the black woman's booty after all. Drink more Bud! Still, answer the other questions just to humor me and distance me from the egg on my face.]

Question: Why do you think Budweiser only cropped out the black woman? Who is this Dave Chappelle ripoff that's about the steal Joe Clair's "non-threatening black guy on all the commercials" crown? Are you also amazed that Yung Berg still has a "career" after that dumb assed "dark butts" statement?

[1] No, I'm not explaining what F.D.A.U. means. This is a PG-13 blog.

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