Monday, October 27, 2008

Poll Position: O'Reilly Vs Olbermann!!!

I'll admit, I'm a bit surprised that the news of Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama barely lasted an entire news cycle. Apparently the GOP had already convened and figured out their plan of attack. Make it a race thang!

You guys sniffed this out yourselves. I don't have anything more to add.

This Week's Poll isn't going to make much sense unless you know a bit about the history between Keith Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly. Here's a video primer for the uninitiated.

Bill O' is heated about the MSNBC's recent Nielsen gains, and blames the NYTimes (?!?) for liberal bias. I don't think he ever actually mentions Olbermann by name, but we get the gist.

Olbermann strikes back, in his usual smarmy, smartest-guy-in-the-class manner.

While it's very interesting watching white guys snipe at each other on-air, I wonder which of these guys could take the other out in a back alley brawl. Are these just a couple of studio gangstas, or would they take it to the streets if the opportunity arose?

The Tale Of The Tape

Olbermann - Seems to have a bit of heft on Bill O'. He's covered sports in the past, so maybe some of the gulliness of the NFL teams he's been around rubbed off. His Cornell education might give him the tactical edge in technique. Banned from ESPN Corporate offices for life. Native New Yorker, but no NY swagger. Lower ratings inferiority complex could be motivating factor. German.

Bill O' - Has the height advantage, and all things considered, just generally seems more brolic to me. Maybe it's the New York swagger. Maybe it's the extreme d-baggishness. Perhaps it's the way he shouts down every guest, even those who agree with him. Makes $10M a year, which definitely can lead to overconfidence and inflated sense of self-worth. Irish.

My Prediction - Despite the early lead you guys have spotted the MSNBC stalwart, Bill O' would kick Olbermann's ass royally in real life, just as he does in the ratings. If you're wondering, I like Olbermann far more, but take who you like out of the equation for a moment when you vote.

As usual, vote early and often.

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