Sunday, October 19, 2008

The GOP's Negro Du Jour Needs To Man Up!

I knew there was something about this cat that just didn't sit right. Witness James T. Harris, the GOP's current Negro Of The Month get reamed by a fellow black Conservative, then storm off the set in a hissy fit.

Harris admitted on his radio show that he broke down crying for a half an hour after this bizarre exchange. Apparently the whole thing started during a prior visit to CNN where he felt the resident Beige Negro, Don Lemon, was being a bit harsh.

Nice look, James. I don't think this is going to endear you to the base.

Conservatives like guys who stick to their principles. Pat Buchanan would never pull a bitch move like this. Seriously, step your game up James! Michael Steele has this whole routine perfected, and rumor has it he's going to get the HUD Secretary gig if Cotton Hill somehow manages to steal this election. Right now, you couldn't even get any Armstrong Williams, under the table money after this stunt. As is, your 13 minutes are darn near up, and you're about to be stuck on that podunk low watt AM station forever.

Man up, James! You're making yourself, and all 11 of the other party tokens look real bad.

Shelby Steele is crying inside.

Question: Did Harris pull a real punk move, or was he set up by CNN?

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