Saturday, August 30, 2008

What's Latarian Been Up To?!?

If you were wondering what our favorite doer of hoodrat things, Latarian Milton's been up to lately, this is your lucky day. The fine folks at famed NYC hip-hop radio station Hot97 somehow managed to trick his Grandmother into putting him on the phone for this very lengthy and very exploitative interview.

The full 20 minute audio isn't on YouTube yet, but here's a promo teaser. The action begins around the halfway mark, so don't be fooled by the old video.

Sadly, his family seems to have co-signed on this nonsense, apparently thinking they'd get a Nintendo Wii in return. You can clearly hear his Grandma in the background feeding him shoutout requests around the 12-minute mark of the audio below.

Lord help us. And someone get this kid a show on Nick Jr. before he ends up in the pen.

Question: Shouldn't Child Protective Services be rounding this kid up by now? What was his Grandma thinking? What should his Nick Jr. show be called?

Listen To The Entire Latarian Interview On Hot97 [zSHARE]

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