Monday, August 25, 2008

Poll Position: Barry Has Some Work To Do.

I grappled with whether or not to make last week's poll multiple choice, as opposed to single selection. I decided not to because I wanted to get an idea what the single area where Barack Obama needed to improve most to take home the gold in November.

The results, to say the least, were interesting.

Most of you thought Barry needed to do something. Becoming a better debater (19%) was first. I voted for this as well, but I'll admit, in retrospect, dude had no chance at Saddleback. Yes, he needs to learn to give better, more concise answers. But reality is, McCain was in his element, surrounded by his peoples. I give him points for effort, but Barry had a snowball's chance. Would McCain win an NAACP/Urban League debate on "black issues"? Not likely, especially considering the fact that he completely kissed off such a debate last Spring at Morgan State. So, Barry needs to improve, but looking at the big picture, he's perhaps not as far off as thought.

You guys also said he needed to sling some mud (18%). After nearly a year of watching him, I am convinced he just doesn't have this in him. Period. So, while I'm not incredibly enthusiastic about the Joe Budden Biden[1] pick, dude is an attack dog, and he'll need to C.Y.I.N. to help Barry get in office. I suppose this is a good thing.

Stepping up his Soundbyte game (15%) is something I've been harping on for months. Getting whiter (15%) sounds silly on the surface, but one easy way of accomplishing this impossible act is by somehow managing to get his grandmother and/or sister (who is part Indonesian, but still) on stage this week in Denver. The person introducing Obama on Thursday is being kept secret. Don't be surprised if it's one of the aforementioned. Just remember you heard it here first.

I'm just sayin'. Big stage, big impression. Connect the dots.

Many of you (30%) said Barry didn't need to change anything, and that he'd win anyway because the American public is wise enough to not vote for another 4 years of Bush.

Ha ha. You guys sooo overestimate the American public.

This Week's Poll continues the Joe Budden For Veep discussion. Namely, was Biden the right choice or could someone else have helped Barry more? Vote early and often.

[1] BTW, if everybody said they've never vote for a man with a perm (Rebb'n Al), how come they're cool with a Veep who sports a mullet? I'm just sayin'.

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