Monday, August 18, 2008

Caption This Photo.

With the way Lebron, Melo, Kobe, and Co. are throttling their foes, it's no surprise they have some extra time on their hands in China.

I couldn't think of a good enough caption for this priceless photo, which I'm sure Bron Bron's baby moms just saved on a thumbnail drive as evidence. Anyways, you provide the winning caption, I'll provide the CapriSuns.

All jokes aside, as stupid as it sounds to be "proud" of a bunch of multimillionaires who play a game for a living, I'm very proud of the way these guys have handled their biz over in China thus far. They've completely obliterated 5 straight foes by an average of 32.2 points, and played the game with class, even as they avenged their loss to Greece, and got back at Spain for that lil' "slant eyes" incident.

The gold medal is a mere formality now, but perhaps more than anything, Team USA has shown that the United States does dominate something.

We're #1 (again)!

Question: Is there any chance in Hades that Team USA somehow manages to lose one of their final 3 games? Do you feel the Redeem Team has gotten the job done? Do you feel their story has been somewhat lost in the Michael Phelps hoopla, or is it merely a matter of timing? What was Bron-Bron thinking?

Team USA blitzes Germany, 106-57 [Dallas Morning News]

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