Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Audacity Of Double Standards

One thing that continually pisses me (and judging by the comments, lots of you) off is the media's perpetual double standard applied to Barack Obama vs his opponents. I won't bother rehashing any of the dozens of examples that have occured this year alone, but you'll likely recall a kerfuffle a few weeks back involving rapper/actor Christopher Bridges, aka: Ludacris. Luda made some truly dumbass comments on a mixtape, and before you can say "Skinny Black", the media pressured Barry into having to issue an apology and the now-obligatory denouncement. Because, as we know, any Black (or any color for that matter) person who supports Obama represents his personal views as well. This is a well-documented, and indisputable fact.

Today, while I was at the gym killing myself on the elliptical trainer, I spotted something on the TV monitor that made me do a triple take.

While making an appearance on Monday at the high school alma mater of his wife Cindy, John McCain received the endorsement of Reggaeton star Daddy Yankee.

Daddy Yankee, whose real name is Ramon Ayala, is a Latin Grammy winner. He is known mostly for his song "Gasolina," which, according to several translations of the Spanish lyrics and interpretations of the Spanish slang, is not particularly family-friendly, and has absolutely nothing to do with energy independence.

As excited as the roughly 100 high school students were to see the 71-year-old presumptive Republican nominee, when Ayala walked into the room, most the young women in the room started shrieking. Ayala gave hugs and shook hands before making the endorsement official.

"I'm here endorsing Senator McCain because I believe in his ideals and his proposals to lead this nation, you know?" Daddy Yankee said at Phoenix's Central High School.

McCain met with Daddy Yankee at his campaign headquarters on Aug. 2. At that time, Daddy Yankee said he didn't know whether or not he was going to endorse McCain, but he has since come to a conclusion.

The event at the high school was originally billed as a press conference by the campaign. In fact there was no give and take between the media and either McCain or Daddy Yankee. McCain has not spoken with reporters since Aug. 13.
Just in case you've gotta see this to believe it...

So, lemme see if I've got this right. McCain has been hangin' out with Daddy Yankee of all people for the better part of the Summer? Seriously? Is that what's hot in the barrios right now? Daddy Yankee? Architect of that botched musical abortion better known as reggaeton?

Uhhh, does Cotton Hill have any freakin' idea what reggaeton is about? I can't imagine his Sony cassette Walkman iPod is filled with Tego Calderon and N.O.R.E., but what do I know? Maybe dude's got somethin' for the senioritas. He is a frisky ole' fella, so perhaps these are some of his favorite tunes.

Peep Daddy Yankee's breakout (only?) hit single, "Gasolina".

The truly terrible-in-everywhere-but-South Florida club staple, "Oye Mi Canto".

And just for good measure, "Rompe".

If you have no idea what "Gasolina" is all about, join the crowd. I can damn sure guarantee you it's not about alternative energy methods. That's for certain.

Regardless, you and I know the drill. This won't be anything more than a blurb on a few blogs (like mine). Never mind the fact that Ludacris' story got an entire weekend cycle of media coverage. I'm sure Spool32 and Daedalus will chime in with some great note about Reggaeton, and use the opportunity to bash Obama for something or other. Go right ahead, fellas.

Typical. Not really surprising, but typical.

Question: Should John McCain be forced to explain, defend, and translate the lyrics to "Gasolina", "Rompe", and "Oye Mi Canto"? Will he have to toss Daddy Yankee under the bus, or does the media acknowledge the obviously blatant pandering to Latinos and just let it slide? Do such endorsements influence anyone? How much do these media double standards piss you off? Just how much to you dislike reggaeton?

McCain Endorsed by Latin Star Daddy Yankee [ABC]

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