Tuesday, July 22, 2008

NOBITCHASSNESS?!? Anyone Care To Explain?

I don't get out much, so I prolly missed the memo on these NOBITCHASSNESS shirts. But in the past week alone I have seen these shirts worn by:

  • A preteen standing at the bus stop.

  • A mother walking her three kids in the park.

  • A dude congregating in the parking lot of my church. I'm not sure whether he went in or not. I'm kinda hoping he did.

  • I'm assuming this is Diddy's new line of shirts, right? Seriously, are you telling me dude has gone from those silly, but sorta substantive VOTE OR DIE! shirts to this kinda drivel in just four years?

    Seriously, is this what's hot on the streets right now? Where's the sense of common decency? I'm assuming this shirt doesn't proclaim your inner BITCHASSNESS, but rather your lack thereof. Still, what's the sense in making a public announcement of such a gesture? Aren't there more worthy topics to trumpet to the world? If you're proud enough about something to wear it on a t-shirt, shouldn't it actually be something worth being proud of?

    I've got some ideas of my own. Peep these designs!

    Do better, Diddy. Or whatever you're calling yourself this month. MLK is cryin' inside.

    Question: You care to explain this whole NOBITCHASSNESS nonsense to me? I Googled the image itself, but I'll be darned if I'm chasing some explanation of this. Would you wear one of my shirts or Diddy's?

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