Saturday, June 14, 2008

Racial Fun With Sean Hannity

Seriously, could someone explain to me why this numbnut even has a show?

Fox News recently canned that chick who called Obama's infamous pound a "terrorist fist jab", but this d-bag gets to spew racist, xenophobic crap allday erryday.

I'm usually a bit more approving of Alan Colmes, but he's outta pocket here as well.

Then again, these guys could just be doing this strictly to fire up poor Leo Terrell, who seems to fall for the same ole' Jedi Mind Trick everytime.

I love it. The topic somehow goes from Spike Lee vs Eastwood to whether or not OJ Did It. And Hannity does a virtual headpat at the end by asking the guy "you consider me a friend, right Leo?". Classic.

Fair and balanced my black a$$.

Question: Other than for strictly train-wreck style entertainment value, why does anyone actually watch Fox News?

Lee: Eastwood omitted black troops in WWII films [MSN Movies News]

ED Hill FIRED Over Barack Obama "Terrorist Fist Jab"? [Post Chronicle]

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