Saturday, June 14, 2008

Racial Fun With Sean Hannity

Seriously, could someone explain to me why this numbnut even has a show?

Fox News recently canned that chick who called Obama's infamous pound a "terrorist fist jab", but this d-bag gets to spew racist, xenophobic crap allday erryday.

I'm usually a bit more approving of Alan Colmes, but he's outta pocket here as well.

Then again, these guys could just be doing this strictly to fire up poor Leo Terrell, who seems to fall for the same ole' Jedi Mind Trick everytime.

I love it. The topic somehow goes from Spike Lee vs Eastwood to whether or not OJ Did It. And Hannity does a virtual headpat at the end by asking the guy "you consider me a friend, right Leo?". Classic.

Fair and balanced my black a$$.

Question: Other than for strictly train-wreck style entertainment value, why does anyone actually watch Fox News?

Lee: Eastwood omitted black troops in WWII films [MSN Movies News]

ED Hill FIRED Over Barack Obama "Terrorist Fist Jab"? [Post Chronicle]

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the uppity negro said...

I've been working my butt off here at thi internship in DC and I've slacked on my daily dose of cable news network. Usually I was a CNN head, they were moderate, had some good, Roland Martin, Donna Brazile, mah boy Jamal, Wolf Blitzer, Larry King, some bad, Anderson Cooper on some days, TJ (yes, even him) and even the ugly, Lou Dobbs who was about one xenophobic comment away from being up there with MSNBC's bastion of not just conservatism, but retrogradism, Pat Buchanan.

But, I'd always turn to Fox and subject myself to watch Hannity and Colmes just because it was opposition television, and I felt I needed to know what "the enemy" knew.

I hadn't caught H&C in a while, but OH, I saw this debacle live and I was officially through with H&C. Alan just sits there and his nondescript a$$ pisses me off nearly as much as Hannity because he never jumps in at all--just sits there like a bump on a log.

I mean, I don't know who was worse, Leo Terrell doing this freeze frame or the anti-intellectual, non-journalistic, outright sickening and appalling, venom-spewing IT that is named Sean Hannity. And for the record, Leo Terrell is up there with a nameless rabble of crazy black folk they trot on there to give the "black" perspective like Jesse Lee Peterson, who just needs to turn in his skin color because he makes me dry heave.

But they are number one in the ratings--you can't dispute ratings.

And yes, for some people who like a "conservative" slant(and I use that loosely because at this point I'm not convinced that over at Fox they could even define the word properly) they would buy hook, line and sinker into this guy. Just remember how much people ate him up when he did the Jeremiah Wright interview in March 2007 and took everything he said for true.

Let's just say I'm more sad about the death of Tim Russert than I'll ever be at the death of Sean Hannity or the FoxNews station at that. I think the fact that they got Leo Terrell hollering the same phrase over and over not making one bit of sense (although ironically enough, he did have a point cuz Hannity does get off subject CLEARLY) screams buffoonery and coonery at its height, and Hannity thinking it was alright to ask him if OJ did it is yet another tell-tale sign of the wanton anti-intellectualism that is America and that has manifested itself in FoxNews.


Stuck in my head said...

I, too, used to watch Fox to find out what they were doing over on that news channel. But I had to stop due to ignorant hosts of shows.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is the fact that they DO have high ratings. That so many people -- white and black -- tune in to their garbage as they feel that it is good news. That they are truly educated by this "fair and balanced" BS.

It really disgusts me to live among so many people that enjoy, thrive, and put forth such nonsense as the Fox News channel and its affiliates.

ebw-educated black woman said...

God, I hate Sean Hannity.
Something tells me that if Leo were there inperson, Sean might have gotten a foot up his ass. Or some hands round his neck at the very least.
The OJ question was completely unprofessional, and yet this uneducated hack will keep his day job.
Hell no I don't watch faux news. You'll find more real news in the pages of the Enquirer.

ZACK said...

Sean Insannity is a douchebag. Plus, he's a hypocrite. He is supposed to be an anti-gay conservative, yet his dating website (Hannidate) allows gay people to register.

Plus, he's far from intelligent. All he knows how to do is cut people off in conversations.

Ciara said...

If I ever see Michelle Malkin in the street, it's on ...

Anyway, I watch Fox to see what the other side is thinking as well. I can't even sit through an hour ... but Fox isn't as bad if you take away their prime-time commentators: Hannity, Bill and Greta. During the day, they aren't as openly biased and they do cover some news that the others don't.

Fox feeds off of the fact that many people cannot tell the difference between objective and subjective news. 95% of news today is subjective ... everyone is an opinion-makers and those opinions are run as facts. Fox HONORS that. You can also say the same about MSNBC with Olbermann. Even though I tend to agree with what he says, I don't take his word as fact. It's his opinion. Opinion isn't news.

Anonymous said...

White christian conservatives and the white working class are the targets of Fox News. As it happens those people exist in droves and so the ratings are always going to be high. White christian conservatives perceive the mainstream media (except Fox) to be anti-family and pro-gay, while white working class don't like diversity shoved down their throats so they prefer the race-baiting of Fox.

Vee (Scratch) said...

I love the OJ question. OJ still did not do it.

One thing is obvious, people watch Fox News. People watch it to see the train wrecks, and watch it to see grown folks pop s**t. It's damn near combat journalism. I don't watch but I recognize the hate-love affair with their programming. I'm sure they have high ratings.

I'm just waiting for one of the host to get involved in another scandal. Limbaugh popping pills, and O'Reilly hands got caught in the cookie jar, what's next?

spool32 said...

Maybe Hannity will get caught peddling forged documents about Obama a couple weeks before the election. Apparently it takes a rightward-slanted news network to really get the outrage flowing!

I mean, how many of you know that Newsweek used a faked photo of a burning Palestinian town as cover art last year? Or that the AP has been caught using faked photographs more than a dozen times since 2005, and that every single one is pro-Palestinian or anti-American? That the leftwing New Republic ran a fictional story about soldiers abusing human rights as a true account? That only a year earlier, they had to fire Stephen Glass for fabricating articles and quotations? That the NY Times had to do the same thing to national reporter Jayson Blair in 2003?

That said... this segment was an effing disgrace. I don't watch Fox, and I AM the other half. Stop associating them with me!

Batocchio said...

Seriously, could someone explain to me why this numbnut even has a show?

Seriously, he's got a show because he's a numbnut, dim-witted, third-rate, bullying frat boy O'Reilly wannabe. And as with almost all Fox News shows, Colmes is cast as his weak, "liberal" punching bag. It's theater with a little newsy flavor thrown in, not news. That doesn't mean it's not worth trying to get Hannity or say, Glenn Beck fired, but it ain't likely to happen with Hannity.

John Doheny said...

The problem is, we keep treating the Sean Hannity's of the world as if they were rational adults. They're not. I taught as a substitute teacher in the public school system for three years, and Sean Hannity is the spitting image of every smirking, pain-in-the-ass teenaged shit-head I ever had to deal with.

There's ways to deal with this kind of thing. Never, ever let them change the subject. Make them look you in the eye ("look at me Sean. Look at me"). And never forget who the grownup in the conversation is.

Send in some substitute teachers to deal with these twerps.

Batocchio said...

John Doheny, you're right - the best way of dealing with a hack (or wanker) is to nail him or her down and not allow the subject-change dodge (an Ann Coulter staple). The problem is that Hannity is in the position of power on his own show, he controls the mic, he talks over other people. That's one of the reasons folks like Hannity and O'Reilly rarely venture onto neutral ground. Even if you were to smack down Hannity on his own show, that portion wouldn't be likely to make it to air.

Anonymous said...

Hannity needs to be asked where's all the money he raised from the "Freedom Concerts" being stashed at!

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