Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cotton Hill and John McCain: Separated at Birth!?!?

On the left is Presidential aspirant John McCain. On the right is ornery grandpa Cotton Hill from Fox's King Of The Hill, the best animated sitcom in the history of all television evar!!! Yep, I'm a fan. I even nicknamed AverageToddler after one of the main characters.[1]

Tell me these two fellas don't bear striking resemblances!

Both are "war heroes".
Both were "war prisoners".
Both are heavily decorated vets.
Both are gully. Cotton "killed fiddy men with his bare hands".
Both throw their military service in your face at will.
Both prefer dramatically younger women.
Both have explosive tempers.
Both are mean as hell.
Both are old as dirt.
Both walk with a limp.
Both have a history of health problems.[2]
But only one of these dudes is actually trying to become the next President. And since I need a nickname to avoid typing the words "John McCain" to the point of carpal tunnel this Fall, I present to you his new moniker: Cotton Hill.

Thanks to AverageCommenter crys for the nickname suggestion.

Question: Is the McCain/Cotton comparison spot-on or is it just me and crys?

[1] Guess which one.

[2] On a somber note, Cotton actually died during an episode this season after he had an allergic reaction to shellfish at Benihana. Here's a Youtube Video tribute some dude put up. I have no idea why it's in black and white.

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