Thursday, May 15, 2008 Has The Best Commenters EVAR!!!

I always say this blog if you guys', not mine, but I don't think ya'll really feel me. The lifeblood of any blog is comments. Yes, hits are important for your ego, and your pocket assuming you're appropriately monetized (all these new ads aren't an accident). But I seriously doubt that any person writes in a vacuum. You write because you want others to absorb some of what you put out there and respond. And honestly, even though Google Analytics tells me how many folks visit here everyday (usually in the high 100's, 1,500 on the rare really good day) the best gauge of how many folks are really paying attention is the comments.

Seeing a big fat ZERO comments after bangin' out a well-written post is like Kryptonite for a blogger. I vividly remember those meager early days when it was basically just me and AverageSisterInLaw talking to each other all day.[1] I Hope I Don't Go Back.[2]

Whether ya'll agree with me or not, I love your comments. I get each and every one delivered to my Inbox the moment they're posted. I check my email every morning when I wake up (Blackberry 8300 is that crack), the minute I leave the gym at lunchtime, and often while weaving through traffic on my way home. When I'm in the middle of a long assed-boring client meeting they crack me up and break the monotony. When my day's not going to well, they pick me up. They are the reason why I keep stealing 15-20 mins from my Day Job each day. They're the legitimacy that opened doors at NPR, The Black Weblog Awards, and The Washington Post.

In short, they're the reason I do this. And for that, I thank ya'll.

Oddly, although I love comments, and read literally dozens of other blogs daily (thank God for RSS readers), I seldom if ever leave comments. I don't know why, but I just don't. So, to the hundreds of lurkers who float in each day to watch me an a couple dozen of my closest friends shoot the breeze, I say thank you, and I ain't mad at ya'. But your two cents are always welcome, and the door's Anonymously open. Join the convo. The more the merrier.

But for my die hard AverageCommenters, this case of Cyber Capri Suns is for you. Thanks for the making this site what it is, I couldn't do it without ya'll. sends crazy stupid ridonculous shout-outs to:

DJ Black Adam
educated black woman
Chris N
Afro-Am Writer
The Dad from Black and Married
Ms Kimba
Uppity Negro
Tiff In Houston
Thanks, and keep ridin' with ya' boy! If I missed you, blame the head, not the heart.

[1] Not that I mind talking to my sister in law all day, she's good peoples. She really helped get the word out about this blog when nobody else wanted to help. I'm eternally grateful.

[2] Name that song.

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