Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This Would Be Scary If The Kid Weren't So Darned Funny

I have no real reason for passing this along. It's just plain funny.

Scary, yes, but funny. Checkout what Charles Barkley's love child just did.[1]

Police say a 7-year-old South Florida boy faces grand theft auto charges after taking his grandmother's Dodge Durango for a joyride.

The eight minute trek left a swath of damage in his Palm Beach Gardens neighborhood yesterday. The boy smashed mailboxes, hit parked cars and signposts. He was unhurt. Police say he literally drove until a wheel fell off. The right front wheel, to be exact, which broke off after the boy hit a sign.

The boy's mother says he apparently grabbed the keys to his grandmother's sport utility vehicle, backed it out of her driveway, and took off. Police spokeswoman Ellen Lovejoy says the boy is unlikely to be prosecuted. They arrested him so he can get some help, noting the excursion was "unusual behavior for a 7-year-old."
Here's the video.

"I wanted to do it cause it's fun. It's fun to do bad things. To drive into a car."

"I wanted to do hoodrat stuff for my friends."

Okay, actually I do have a reason for passing this along.

Somebody please get this kid his own Nickelodeon sitcom before he actually does kill someone. Keep him off the Ritalin and put him in some creative arts classes or something.

This child will either be the next Keenan Thompson or the most entertaining guy on the yard. And by yard, I don't mean Penn State, I mean State Penn.

This is why I'm so adamant about asking you guys to Take The AB Challenge. This sorta acting out is clearly a plea for attention. Someone needs to help this child. Please!

Question: In 30 words or less, tell me what's really wrong with the story above?

7-Year-Old Joyrides in Grandmother's SUV [ABC11]

[1] Is it just me, or does this sorta stuff always happen in Florida!?!?

* Props to Phil from GVille.tv for passing this along.

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