Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What's With This Pastor Manning Dude Anyway!?!

[Editor's Note: The N.L. finally kicked in last night. I had a "H.S.D. Hillary and Bill" post written for the occasion last week. Needless to say, that one's on ice. Maybe permanently on ice. Never count out a Clinton, and never underestimate the power of N.L. If you still don't know what N.L. is, just take a wild guess. Email me if you're still clueless. More Barry for Prez analysis when I return from vaca in Sunny Florida later in the week. Till then....]

Like 90% of errybody else on Les Internetes, I've watched this Pastor Manning dude's YouTube clips with equal parts fascination and bewilderment. At face value, this looks like nothing more than a ploy for attention in the manner of shock value.

This latest video is sorta disturbing though. It starts out as harmless self-hatred, nothing worse than your typical trap/snap music video. But by the time the 8+ minutes are up, I'm left sratching my head.

Here, peep this in it's entirety, then meet me after the jump.

Obama's 54DD Endorsement

Seriously, WTH!?!? Is this an actual church? Does this cat really believe this stuff? What about the kids? Everybody in this clip other than Pastor Manning (especially the trusty First Lady) seems hella nervous about being put on tape. Seriously, note the hesitant laughter during the 54-DD diatribe, then the outright disconnect as he starts using the bible to aid in his tirade.

If Pastor Manning is trying to make a statement against Pimps in the Pulpit, he might wanna check the mirror first.

Question: Is this a real live church or is this some kinda odd parody I'm just not hip to? New York, stand up!

Bonus Vids: The Best (Worst?) of Pastor Manning

Obama's Don't Pay Child Support

White Woman or White Trash

Oprah's Jungle Fever

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