Friday, March 21, 2008

Sleep With Me, Girl. I'll Make You Famous! (Coming Soon to WifeTime™ Movies For Women?)

Just when you thought the sordid saga of America's Favorite Hooker was going away, this sad story just keeps spreading growing legs.

A $1 million offer to the call girl linked to former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer was rescinded because she'd already shot footage for "Girls Gone Wild." Now it might be the video maker who will lose out.

A lawyer for Ashley Alexandra Dupre, now 22, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Dupre was 17 when the footage was filmed. After hearing from her attorney, the company said the video's Internet release will be delayed.

"Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis originally reached out to Dupre, offering $1 million for her to appear in a non-nude spread for his company's new magazine and a chance to join the "Girls Gone Wild" tour bus.

But on Tuesday "Girls Gone Wild" employees found archived footage of Dupre filmed in 2003, and Francis retracted the offer.

In a statement Wednesday, Francis said he had received an e-mail from Dupre's lawyer Don Buchwald, saying Dupre may have been 17 in the videos shot in Miami and not 18 as Francis had first claimed.

Buchwald added in the e-mail that Francis was aware of Dupre's age during the filming.

Francis said he bought Dupre a Greyhound bus ticket back home to North Carolina in 2003. Dupre returned home after she spent a week on the "Girls Gone Wild" bus in Miami and filmed seven full-length tapes, which included nudity, after signing legal papers, the company said.
I don't know who's the more disgusting character here. Francis, who's the biggest greaseball on the planet, or Dupre, who is clearly cookin' up a story about being underaged at the time so she can milk this cow [||] for all it's worth. Considering the fact that she claims she didn't even know it was Governor Spitzer she was "servicing" all along, I guess it's fair to say she might have forgotten about this whole GGW thing years ago and doesn't want anyone else profiting from it. Dupre's just forgetful like that.

Call it seller's remorse.

Either way, I think it's fair to say this shoots a hole in Dupre's "good girl gone astray" sob story. What kinda feminists would the fine folks at WifeTime Movie Network be if they reward a woman who's habitually turned tricks for years with a "story of tribulations and redemption"?

And since you're prolly wondering, I'll go ahead and throw it out there... yes, I watch LifeTime movies! Often. Only the suspense ones of course, not the sappy romantic crap. The names change (Murder for Hire, She Cried Alone, A Stranger In My Bed, She Never Knew, Distant Killer, etc.) but the plots are always the same. Tell me I'm wrong...

Successful yet distant woman (usually Tori Spelling or some other 90210 alum) is scorned by unfaithful and callous husband (always a much older guy with a $400 haircut). Unfaithful and callous husband somehow gets killed. Successful yet distant woman falls for ruggedly handsome detective (usually a younger guy with a $300 haircut and scraggy "police" beard) investigating unfaithful and callous husband's mysterious death. Suddenly fragile and vulnerable, successful yet distant woman sleeps with ruggedly handsome detective. Successful yet distant woman stumbles upon evidence that ruggedly handsome detective might could have something to do with unfaithful and callous husband's demise. Ruggedly handsome detective comes to kill successful yet distant woman. Successful yet distant woman somehow finds a knife/gun and kills ruggedly handsome detective. Successful yet distant woman finds out ruggedly handsome detective did indeed kill unfaithful and callous husband, and is suddenly wistful and regrets she never forgave him. Fast forward one year and successful yet distant woman has new hairdo and is sipping hot tea outdoors somewhere in the Pacific Northwest (always/actually/just Vancouver,BC). Roll the credits, and cue the next formulaic film.

Say what you want, but if all you've got is basic cable (by choice), watching WifeTime's formulaic "thrillers" is about as close to entertaining TV as you get. So shoot me.

Anyways, Francis and Dupre deserve each other, but neither deserves to profit from this sham any more than they already have. Just get lost already.

And spray some Lysol behind you on the way out.

Question: Should Dupre still be able to profit from this nonsense after this latest revelation? Did you lose a little respect for AB now that you know he likes WifeTime movies? Or do you actually watch WifeTime movies yourself, and if so, was my description of those formulaic suspense/thrillers dead-on or what?

Film of Spitzer Call Girl in Question [AP]

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