Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Less Than Banner Day For The Clintons

[You still love me, don't you lil' Jorge?]

For Hillary Clinton, "It was all good just a week (or so) ago."[1]

She was still on record as having won Texas in the minds of many. Contributions were flowin' in like water. Florida and Michigan were reconsidering. Bill was keeping his pants up. Eliot Spitzer knocked Ferraro-gate off the front pages. And the Rebb'n Wright Trump Card had yet to be played. Life was good.

Then that crafty beige Negro went and pulled this stunt.

Obama had to say something about Reverend Wright, but I don't think anyone foresaw him turning a simple stump speech into a manifesto on the legacy of race in America. Some are calling this a historic speech already. I call it damage control. Damn good damage control, but damage control nonetheless. And it should (emphasis on should) end this silly discussion on "guilt by association" for once and for all.

Advantage: Barry.

"But, but, but, but wait, it gets worse."[2]
Facing strong opposition, Florida Democrats on Monday abandoned plans to hold a do-over presidential primary with a mail-in vote and threw the delegate dispute into the lap of the national party.

While the decision by Florida Democrats left the state's 210 delegates in limbo, Democrats in Michigan moved closer to holding another contest on June 3. Legislative leaders reviewed a measure Monday that would set up a privately funded, state-administered do-over primary, The Associated Press learned.

"A revote is the only way Michigan can be assured its delegation will be seated, and vote in Denver" at the party's national convention, Clinton campaign aide Harold Ickes said. "If the Obama campaign thwarts a fair election process for the people of Michigan, it will jeopardize the Democratic nominee's ability to carry the state in the general election."
As I argued here last week, redoing or otherwise seating Michigan and/or Florida would be a complete bastardization of the democratic process. Those states' parties are to blame for this, and those delegates shouldn't be counted just because the election happens to be close. This would be the case were Obama or Clinton ahead. So, kudos to the Sunshine State for finally getting something right besides Collins Ave.

All of this is obviously of little comfort to Clinton, whom I'm pretty sure is in some rural Pennsylvania hotel crying in her cereal right now, and it almost makes me feel sympathy for her. When her own husband (who just sent out an email to supporters essentially saying it's PA or Bust for Hillary) sees the writing on the wall, you can't help but feel bad for her.

Well, almost.

Question: Did you think the Obama speech was an honest plea for racial harmony or merely a superb PR move?

Obama Urges End To "Racial Stalemate" [CBS]

Florida Democrats Won't Hold Re-Do Primary [CBS]

[1] Cyber Capri Suns to the first person to tell me the source of this quote.
[2] Cyber Capri Suns to the first person to tell me the source of this quote.

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