Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just Get Lost Already, Kwame

Just in case you were wondering, America's Other-Other Favorite Philanderer is still trying to hold on to his job. Now, with the City Council introducing a resolution to make him step down, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is digging deep into the Marion Barry bag of Ghetto Jedi Mind Tricks. I sure as hell hope the fine folks of Day-Twa ain't fallin' for this scam.

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick lashed out at his opponents and the news media Tuesday night, accusing them of showing a "lynch mob mentality" in the aftermath of the scandal over his exchange of sexually explicit text messages with a former top aide.

It happened as he finished reading the written text released before his State of the City address, which had only a brief allusion to the text-message controversy. The case has led to a criminal probe of whether Kilpatrick lied under oath when he denied the affair with former Chief of Staff Christine Beatty, revealed in numerous text messages.

Kilpatrick, who is black, said he and his family have been subjected to racial slurs, as well as threats.

"In the past three days, I've received more death threats than I have in my entire administration," he said. "I've heard these words before, but I've never heard them said about my wife and children," he continued, his voice rising as he wagged his fingers and gestured with his arms.

"I don't believe that a Nielsen rating is worth the life of my children or your children. This unethical, illegal, lynch mob mentality has to stop."
Lynch Mob, huh? The same Lynch Mob that had a stripper named Strawberry (whom the mayor's wife infamously beat up) in the mayoral mansion? The same Lynch Mob that ran up $200,000 in personal charges on a city-issued credit card? The same Lynch Mob that fired cops who were threatening to bust his affair with his ironically titled CHIEF OF STAFF (props to D.P.)? The same Lynch Mob that forced the city to shell out $9M to the unfairly fired cops? The same Lynch Mob that wrote thousands of incriminating and sexually suggestive text messages on a city-issued Blackberry?

That same Lynch Mob, right?

Negro Please!

Watch this nonsense.

I guess you can give Kwame some credit for putting his jumpoff on the city payroll instead of running up $80K in assorted hooker expenditures. But I digress.

Speaking of the now-deceased Strawberry, Carlita Kilpatrick, and the long rumored Manoogian Mansion party, the papers are reporting today that this whole thing was documented in a police report, which I guess means it's no longer just an urban legend.
A retired Detroit Police Department clerk came forward today to say she saw a police report in 2002 in which stripper Tamara Greene described being attacked by Carlita Kilpatrick, wife of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, during a party at the Manoogian Mansion. The court affidavit by former clerk Joyce Carolyn Rogers of Troy marks the first time a Detroit police employee has stated that a report on the long-rumored party and assault exists.

“According to the report, the mayor’s wife walked into a room and witnessed Ms. Greene touching Mayor Kilpatrick in a manner that upset the mayor’s wife,” Rogers, 65, said in the affidavit. “The report further states that the mayor’s wife witnessed this, left the room and returned with a wooden object in her hand and began assaulting Ms. Greene.”

The dancer, 27, was fatally shot in April 2003 in Detroit. There have been no arrests.
So after all the black eyes (no pun) this dude's bought to the Motor City, he wants citizens to now rally behind him on the basis that the media and some mysterious white folks are prank calling his home. I sure hope Motown ain't that dumb.

It's one thing for white politricians to try and pull an okey doke on black constituents. It's an entirely different level of insult when a black man tries to pull the same bullsh*t on his own people.

If I didn't know any better, I'd swear ole' Kwame caught that recent episode of The Wire where Clay Davis shucked and jived his way out of those charges by flipping the script on the prosecutors. Just in case you're not hip to the show, watch this virtuoso performance and you'll know exactly what I mean. It's not edited well so there's a brief unrelated scene in there, but keep watching the whole thing for the full context.

Simply Brilliant. Damn, I miss that show already.

Seriously, who the hell does Kilpatrick think he is trying to pull this stunt?

Question: Is it just me, or is Kwame Kilpatrick trying to pull a Clay Davis on the fine folks of Detroit?

Detroit Mayor Decries Media "Lynch Mob" [CBS]

Council unanimously orders Kilpatrick, Beatty to appear [Detroit Free-Press]

Clerk: Dancer said in police report mayor's wife attacked her [Detroit Free-Press]

12 AverageComments™:

cinco said...

Kilpatrick should resign. No explanation. No continued waste of money. He can work on his problems with his wife/family but not in the limelight.

ebw-educated black woman said...

What got me about this whole thing was the black folk that were assembled there actually clapping when this fool spewed this ish!
He brought this on himself! Folk in the D should be demanding his resignation! Hell yeah, he's getting threats -- some folks are mad as hell about the waste of their tax dollars, and the arrogance he has shown in wasting them! Sometimes I don't know about our people, I really don't. A majority of people were clapping and showing approval for his madness. (Including some "minster", in full minister garb-WTH?) Sometimes we will embrace anything if it has a black face attached to it--it's a damn shame.

Anonymous said...

Having lived in Detroit as a child in the '60s and again as adult during the '90s it has become clear that involking trust in the judicial system of "Our" state is of wasted hope, a woman is dead and buried with little fanfare at the time, people were asked for the truth then as to her demise.Funny how it is possible to deny truth when you have "Status".If there is ANY truth to the possible cover-up reguarding police reports dissappearing we would be talking conspiriocy to at least wrongfull death,possible murder, how on earth are we expected to believe we would get the truth when "Our" officials have been proven to lie about such smaller issues? Too much for me to ever think about calling Detriot "Home" again, I feel nothing for Official Leadership there, Lost cause "We the People".

Anonymiss said...

Kwame's a sorry clown that takes advantage of his city. He really needs to get lost.

I can't believe what I read in ebw's post. People need to wise up and quit accepting trash with a Black face.

Afro-America Writer said...

Can I say Time Magazine was right all along for naming Kilpatrick one of the three worst mayors of U.S. major cities in 2005?

cinco said...

@ a-a writer;
and he's still the Mayor. No excuses provided should allow him to remain in office. If he were white- many people who not have waited this long for him to resign.

Stankoniforous One said...

Clay Davis is one of my favorite characters on the Wire next to Stringer and Omar.

Kil, H.S.D!

AverageBro said...

@ cinco

He ain't steppin' down. He's made that abundantly clear. The City Council might not be able to get out him either.

My fearless prediction: dude actually finds a way to get himself re-elected.

@ ebw/anonymiss

Thanks for the tip. I added the video now. The whole "nigga" this and that was just soooo wrong on so many levels.

@ aaw

And to think, I actually thought Time was being judgemental. All the really talked about was the Cherry Navigator. Guess they couldn't go all-in on the stripper party w/o substantiation.

@ Stank

My favorite TV line of all time....."SHEEEIITTT"

Man, tell me another show/movie/anything that was a better stage for so many brilliant black actors.

rorysmomma said...

He needs to resign, and quite frankly his wife needs to be charged with assault or possibly even murder.... Y'all need to take out the trash.

Daedalus said...

Who does he think he is? Bill Cinton, Marion Berry, Jesse Jackson and other black heros. And what do they all say? Well, as long as he's doing his job who cares.

Anonymous said...

So much for burying the N word. i hope those were not his kids standing up there clapping and grinning... the nerve of this negro to stand up there and be outraged!$9 million !! does he actually go around detroit with his eyes closed. does he not see what we see when we drive around detroit! i hope he is called many more bleeped words for the rest of his life. what ever happened to taking responsibility for your actions in this country?

Deb said...

Sh-e-e-e-ett AB!! Kwame was channelling Clay Davis AND Marion Barry!

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