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Are Black Clinton Supporters SellOuts?: An MultiMedia Exposé

Back when this election started in early 07' (seemingly ages ago), I heard some Obama supporters screaming that anyone who didn't support their candidate was an Uncle Tom or Aunt Jemima. Naturally, I thought this was B.S. Even though I support Obama myself, it's insane to think that black people have to support a black candidate or risk having their Ghetto Pass revoked. Such a line of thinking basically boils us all down to extra melanin and kinky hair, more or less discounting a person's ability to comprehend issues and make their own judgements on character.

A year later, though, I'm starting to see where those folks were coming from. Sorta. Since the Clintons felt Barry's breath on the back of their necks in the late Fall and started race baiting, we've been presented with mountains of evidence that basically say they're just out to get votes and don't give a sh*t about the black people they sacrifice along the way. You can attribute Obama's meteoric rise in black support to his character and policies, or simply as evidence that black folks like jumping on a winning bandwagon just as much as the next man. But you'd be hard pressed to convince me that these constant Clinton attacks on the sense and sensibility of Black America didn't help in some minor way.

That leads me to my current point of view. Despite all the damning evidence I'm about to present, everytime I turn on the TV lately, I still see the Clintons surrounded by throngs of happy, smiling, and occasionally shuffling black folks, usually in a church of some sort. Although Obama is grabbing 4 out of every 5 black votes, there are still plenty of us willing to get on TV and stand behind (always behind) Billary, grinning like we just hit PowerBall. And I wonder what these black people are thinking in the back of their minds.

I assume it's still possible that many blacks support Hillary because they feel her experience is superior (although it's notable that she's been an elected official for less time than Obama). Some of these folks might feel she has a better stance on various issues (never mind the fact that both candidates' views are essentially identical across the board). Some may feel she's more electable (although virtually every current poll says otherwise). Others may still think her husband is owed this as the First Black President (and I naturally think these Negroes should just kill themselves. Life isn't getting any easier).

But even if you do support her for any of various reasons, at some point, doesn't all the race baiting begin to get under your skin? Yes, I'm a registered Democrat (which, granted, means little), but damnit, when you strip it down, I'm black first, and so are all these folks. Next time you stand there in a pulpit clapping for this woman, or enter the polling place to vote for her, consider the mountain range of evidence that says she doesn't give a shit about you, just winning.

EXHIBIT A: Dope Boy Magic

Rehashing the oh' so played out story of Obama's juvenile drug use that he outted in his own book years ago, Clinton adviser Bill Shaheen inferred that the Republicans just might could use this to brand Obama as a drug dealer should he become the candidate. Never mind the fact that Bill Clinton toked himself. I never once heard him referred to as the weed man.

Clinton pressured Shaheen to step down. Good for her. But it would be the first and last time she censured a campaign associate in that manner.

EXHIBIT B: Black Secret Agents Surrogates

First there was Andrew Young and his ludicrous "Bill's slept with more black women than Obama" statement. Then of course our boy Bob Johnson, a longtime Clinton ally, goes out and channels Shaheen in South Carolina nonetheless. Hillary didn't bother putting him in his place. Heck, he was campaigning with her in Philly the other day.

EXHIBIT C: DOWN Wit' Tha' King

On the eve of the MLK holiday, Clinton dropped this jewel, basically just saying MLK didn't do shit but give eloquent speeches, while LBJ did all the heavy lifting.

Is it just me, or does that rhetoric sound vaguely familiar?

EXHIBIT D: And Screw Mandela, Too!

Bill Clinton implied that his wife is more hardbody than Nelson Mandela.

"I have been blessed in my life to know some of the greatest figures of the last hundred years. [...] I go to Nelson Mandela's birthday party every year and we're still very close. [...] But if you said to me, 'You've got one last job for your country but it's hazardous and you may not get out with life and limb intact and you have to do it alone except I'll let you take one other person, and I had to pick one person whom I knew who would never blink, who would never turn back, who would make great decisions [...] I would pick Hillary.'"
first Negro president, Please!

EXHIBIT E: Hillary Morphs Into Shirley Ceasar

Yeah, I know black folks respond best to pandering. I get it already. But when Hillary got wind of an Obama appearance in Selma, AL commemorating that historic civil right's march, she called her black buddies and booked herself a church right across the street at the same time. She also bought along her Southern twang, which is a little odd for someone from Chicago, no?

EXHIBIT F: Obama's a Muslim Terrorist! RUN!!!

In December, three Clinton staffers in Iowa were busted for circulating an email alleging that Obama's a Muslim, schooled in a Wahhabi Madrassa, and is a plant to overthrow the United States. Then of course there was the recent incident where photos of Obama in Somali garb were circulated. Never mind the fact that the man's a Christian. And c'mon, the dude is wearing Dockers and a Casio watch in that photo. He's not a muslim.

This whole thing would simply be funny had it not worked. 20% of Ohio voters indicated in exit polls that they had grave concerns about Obama's ability to handle foreign relations.

Of course, Clinton had ample opportunity to debunk this whole "Obama is a Muslim Terrorist" angle on the eve of Texas and Ohio, but instead she goes on 60 Minutes, and says this.

"As far as I know". Oh really?!?

EXHIBIT G: Move To The Back Of The Line, Boy!

Never mind the fact that Obama's leading in both states won and total delegates, Billary thought he should still wait his turn and just cowtow and play 2nd fiddle. Because, you know, black men have to wait their turn and whatnot.

Thankfully, Barry did a rare chin check and put them in their place.

EXHIBIT H: Jesse Won SC Too

That's right, just marginalize a black man's accomplishments as being little more than happenstance. I don't remember Clinton just brushing off SC when he won there.

Let's see... Sharpton didn't win SC. Neither did Chisolm. Mosely Braun, nope? I'd throw in the obligatory Alan Keyes reference here since he's still technically in the race, but who cares? Point being: black folks don't just vote for black folks blindly. We have brains too, ya' know.

Uhhmm, you did know, right?

EXHIBIT I: Ferraro's An Idiot

Ferraro didn't just drop the Obama's only winning cause he's black nugget the other day. She's on record as saying this sorta nonsense for months now.

Not only should black folks be pissed off about Ferraro's "affirmative action" remark, whites who support Obama should be outraged at such an insult to their intelligence as well.

EXHIBIT J: The Real Life Uncle Ruckus Attacks

Okay, so this isn't a Clinton associate, or at least not somebody she'd be seen in public with. But still, tell me this fool ain't gettin' a check from somewhere. Peep this nice musical Montage of Pastor Manning's greatest hits.

I'm waiting for this dude's guest appearance on The Boondocks any day now.

EXHIBIT K: Lil' Mama Ain't Havin' That

Sorry, I couldn't think of a credible reason to use this photo, but I think it speaks a million words anyway.

I could keep on going and going for days, but thankfully the fine folks at Jack and Jill Politicks already did it for me. If you haven't already peeped their excellent Clinton Attacks Obama Incident Tracker, do yourself a favor and get familiar with the full body of shameful work.

After all this, still, I wonder how any self respecting black person can vote for Clinton when she's clearly demonstrated a complete lack of respect. She has, and will continue to do any and everything to win this election, even if it means alienating and discrediting and entire race in the process. And if she's willing to do this to merely get elected, what makes you think she'll treat black people and their distinct issues with any sort of seriousness once in office? I'm not saying these folks should just flock to Obama either. If they have some legit reason for not wanting to vote for him, they should do like I do when faced with a lose-lose situation: vote for myself.

So, yeah, I can only conclude that any Negro who still supports her should be fitted for a handerchief and soft shoes.

Now get ta' dancin'!

Question: Do you think black Clinton supporters are sellouts? Do you actually know and black Clinton supporters? If you do, email them this post (that little envelope below does the trick) and tell em' to get at me.

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