Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Is Life Easier When You're Lightskinn'ded!??!

I'm not normally into blogging about such inane topics, but hey, my last inane topic went Blogger Gold, so why keep lightning in a bottle? I'm just generous like that.

Today while heading home from work, I tuned into Minneapolis' excellent black talk radio station, KMOJ 89.9, which for my DC folks, is sorta like WOL 1450. Anyways, while discussing Barack Obama's sterling Presidential prospects (this seems like a lifetime ago), one listener called in and said something I'm not sure I agree with, but figured I'd present to my readers, since I'm just open minded like that.

Is Barack Obama more politically acceptable to white America because he's biracial, or at a more base level, because he's lightskinned?

[Editor's Note: Before everyone gets their panties in a bunch and starts dropping all sorts of "self hate" comments, let it be known that I don't necessarily agree with the question being posed. Don't shoot the messenger.]

The caller, who repeatedly noted that she was biracial herself, rattled off a list of names of high achievers of a somewhat lighter complexion. Time Warner's Dick Parsons. American Express' Ken Chenault. Newark Mayor Corey Booker. DC's Adrian Fenty. Colin Powell. Condoleeza Rice. Former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford. David Dinkins. Doug Wilder. GK Butterfield. Lester Holt. Sinbad (just making sure you're paying attention).

All blacks of a somewhat lighter shade, all hand selected by whites to run something or other than blacks aren't typically given the opportunity to run.

When the caller went off the deep end by saying that most whites and blacks didn't see her as black, and she used this to her advantage as Obama should, the hosts cut her off, but I couldn't help but consider if her point was somewhat valid.

If Barack Obama were qualified, but looked more like Kwame Kilpatrick, would we even be talking about his prospects for the Number One Spot right now?

I won't drone on about this much longer, so I'll toss this softball to you guys.

Question: Does Barack Obama's light skin make him more acceptable to white America? And generally speaking, is life easier if you're redboned?

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